CBS' Gary Danielson: Lack of quarterback Les Miles' downfall at LSU, but 'he might not be unemployed for two hours' _lowres

Advocate staff photo by TRAVIS SPRADLING -- Louisiana State Police Sgt. Bryan Madden, left, looks on as LSU head coach Les Miles talks with LSU quarterback Brandon Harris (6) just after the last platt of the game, Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015 in Baton Rouge. LSU beat Auburn 45-21.

“Since 2011, LSU in the SEC is 19-12. And that’s not good enough at LSU,” Danielson said. “That might be good enough at Purdue (Danielson’s alma mater), but at LSU that’s not good enough. That’s the job. When you take that job at LSU, Alabama, Florida, USC, Ohio State and Notre Dame you are measured differently than everybody else, and Les realizes that.”

LSU hasn’t measured up in recent years mainly because of an inability to attract and develop quarterbacks, Danielson said.

“This program has not grown to the level people have expected it to grow,” he said. “There was a formula set. This team competed for championships with JaMarcus Russell and Matt Flynn. Since then, that position (QB) has not been filled. The only time it was at a championship level was with Zach Mettenberger and he was a transfer.

“I think that has been Les’ downfall. The lack of a quarterback to make his system go. I don’t quite know why, but when you keep getting beat by Alabama when that’s your measuring stick, it’s going to happen.”

Danielson understands why Miles has support from his current players.

“Of course, his kids are going to back him up,” he said. “And I back him up. He’s a great guy. I would love my son to play for Les Miles. But in the high-stakes world of SEC football … but if there’s any grumbling just under the surface whether Les is on the hot seat next year, the SEC recruiters will destroy LSU this offseason. Les Miles knows he needs a vote of confidence or needs this decision to be made.

“He’s in there saying (to LSU administration), ‘I’m a damn good coach. You back me up or let me go.’ ”

Danielson believes Miles would be an attractive choice for a number of schools if he wants to continue to coach.

“He might not be unemployed for two hours,” Danielson said. “I think a lot of Big Ten schools, a lot of Big 12 schools, who would look at Les Miles and be lucky to have him.

“Now, would he be able to go from LSU to USC? I’m not so sure about that. But there are a lot of places that would take Les Miles and feel like they’ve got a good hire on their hands.”

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