Top 5 Questions is a five-part blog series, starting Monday and ending Friday, counting down the top five questions LSU must answer during spring football practice, which begins March 7.

What needs answering: which of the healthy players will emerge as the top five offensive linemen

Key People: Toby Weathersby, K.J. Malone, Maea Teuhema, Andy Dodd, Ethan Pocic, George Brown Jr., Jevonte Domond, Chidi Okeke, Will Clapp

The Skinny: LSU lost just four starters from last season’s team. That seems like a small number because it is, but two of those came on the offensive line (tackles Jerald Hawkins and Vadal Alexander). Losing two of five linemen isn’t a small number. Losing two of two tackles – also, not small.

The two new guys on the line will likely come from this group: Weathersby, Malone, Brown, Domond and Valentine. However, the two newbies won’t necessarily replace Hawkins and Alexander at the tackle positions. Maybe O-line coach Jeff Grimes moves Maea Teuhema, a returning starter at guard, to tackle? Or what if Ethan Pocic, not participating in spring because of hip surgery, slides from center to tackle?

Jeff Grimes enters his third season as LSU's offensive line coach.

Jeff Grimes enters his third season as LSU’s offensive line coach.

Those things are possible. We feel there’s a high certainty that Will Clapp remains at guard, but, beyond that, who knows. Expect Grimes to fiddle with the line during spring practice as he figures out who works best where and who his best five linemen are.