LSU's Leonard Fournette on family tickets, that dancing kid, why he looks at big screen during big runs _lowres

LSU running back Leonard Fournette greets fans before an NCAA college football game against South Carolina in Baton Rouge, La., Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015. (AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)

Catching Up With No. 7 is a new, weekly Q&A series with LSU running back Leonard Fournette.

Aunt ‘T’ will have to wait.

Leonard Fournette attempted to buy his aunt a ticket to Saturday’s undefeated, top-10 showdown between No. 6 LSU and No. 8 Florida, but the sophomore running back and Heisman Trophy favorite said he couldn’t afford the ticket price of $110.

“I told her I couldn’t do it,” Fournette said. “She has to wait. I need a sale. I need the price to go down. The price is going to go up so, ‘Next game, Aunt T.’”

LSU players receive a certain amount of tickets for family and friends. Fournette, mostly, lets his mother and father determine who gets those tickets, he said. Fournette has a big family, so it’s not easy.

“See, that’s the hard part,” he said. “I leave that to my mother. I let her pick whoever she wants to come to the game. I might pick one person and my mom and my dad pick the rest.”

I saw it on the big screen. It was very entertaining. I loved it.

Who’s a better dancer – you or him?

My moves are delicate. He’s got some better moves than me.

You looking forward to facing a very good defense Saturday?

Extremely talented team. Similar to our defense. We’ve got to come out there and fight each and every day during practice, compete with each other. It’ll be a good matchup Saturday.

What makes their front so good?

They’re very active. They have a lot of great players on their defense that can make plays, any time, any moment.

What do you remember from last year’s game? It was a breakout one for you.

It was a physical game. Their defense is fast. Their whole team is fast. I don’t know what to tell you. They’re a great team. Defense looked the same as last year. They’ve got a lot of talent across the board.

What switch flipped for you in that game?

I don’t know. It just clicked. I was just on that game. I can’t really say. It just came to me pretty much.

What was it like last week to watch Derrius (Guice) have a big game and the passing game click last week?

It felt great to see Darrel Williams to get his two touchdowns and I felt happy about the way Derrius played. All in practice he’s been doing that. It wasn’t no big thing. I’ve seen him during practice, during the spring games. His time is going to come.

Everybody has those games. Like, last year, when I played in a big game, against Ole Miss, I fumbled on the 2 yard line. I was heated, too. But I told him, ‘Never let this game change who you are or the character you are.’

That’s not like Nick. He was mad, upset about it. He apologized to the team about his acts and stuff. We’re over it now.

Do you like the Leonard Fournette rap song?

Yeah, it’s nice. It’s catchy. (laughs)

You know those guys?

I know them. I grew up with them.

When people see your name on TV or read it, what do you want them to think about you? The people who never met you?

I don’t know. People think things about you every day. What I wish … I’m not big-headed, not a jock. Love the game of football. Love practicing. Going out and playing with his brothers.

What does JD Moore offer this offense?

Man, he’s everybody’s flashlight. He’s a tremendous player, even better person. I love being around him.

What’s it mean if he can’t play Saturday?

Young guys come to LSU to play big roles. Just like when (Jalen) Mills went down. Rickey (Jefferson) came in. Young guys have to step in.

Bry’Kiethon Mouton, how did he do?

He’s going to be good. We’re just taking our time with him. JD is teaching him right now so is coach Frank (Wilson). We’re working with him each and every day.

And coach Miles mentioned we might see David Ducre?

He’s been doing fine. Fullback is not an easy job man. So, just have to work with them. That’s all.

Why do you like to run to the student section on your long runs?

There’s so much love and support there. That’s where all of the noise comes from pretty much. When you’re running everybody’s so happy there. No better feeling than going to the end zone to the students that go to LSU.

Yeah, I always look up. Always, always look up. Like I told yall, if you get caught from behind, you’re going to have some troubles on your hands from Coach Frank (Wilson).

Do you look up at the video board to see what you have to do not to be caught?

Yeah, either pick up speed or adjust my course.

That 87-yard TD … you had two guys who had angles on you. Did it help you to look on the video board?

Nah. I just picked up speed. I was running and looking at the ground. I’m like, ‘They’re not that fast.’ So I just picked up speed.

Did you get a good luck at Derrius’ tackle-breaking play?

Like I said, he does things like that. It’s nothing new to me. I see it in practice. I see him run with so much passion, so much force. Like I say, he’s going to be a great one when he leaves here.

How are yall similar and different as runners?

I don’t know. He’s wild. He runs angry. The way I run … I don’t know how I run. I just run.

(Kirk) Herbstreit said you’re a raging bull. You like that?

Not at all. I don’t have the attitude like that. I don’t feel it. Just doing what I have to do.

Yeah. I really didn’t know it until Brandon (Harris) made a joke about it. He’s like, ‘Man, every time we come out of halftime you always break that run.’ I’m like, ‘I did do it back to back huh?’ It’s something humorous.

How will this weekend compare to other home games?

The crowd … the love and support. Walking down the hill, seeing all of those fans out there, it’s loving. It’s knowing that you have so much love and support at home.

What’s it going to be like this week?

It’s going to be crazy this weekend.

Do you think college players should be able to leave when they want rather than have to wait three years?

I believe waiting is the best key because there’s so much you could learn before you get to that level where you’re on your own. I’m still learning right now. I’m not perfect. I’d tell them to wait.