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This is a great question. And it’s a lesson for all of us regarding Les Miles’ preseason/spring comments about players: don’t believe him. Coaches use the media just like the media, at times, uses coaches. Do coaches talk up one player hoping to light the fire in another? Sure. Is that what Miles did? Maybe.

Chark did not have a single catch this season, and he didn’t play in eight of LSU’s 11 games. He received his most playing time this season in the regular-season finale against A&M, as each receiver moved up a rung with Travin Dural out.

I assume you’re referring to Les Miles and the situation that unfolded last week. Here’s the thing – the heat on Miles’ seat is now there. We all know it. He’ll enter the 2016 season squarely on the hot seat, needing an impressive showing to stick around for 2017. When the seat gets warm on a coach, it doesn’t often cool off.

What does LSU need to do for Miles to survive? Who knows exactly. But, you gotta think, that another eight-win regular season won’t cut it.

First off, Cam Cameron is still LSU’s offensive coordinator. Will it remain that way for next season? We can’t really answer that, expect to refer you to our story posted Sunday.

In that story, we do write that Cameron’s job seems unstable. Why? Lots of reasons:

  • As we reported, Les Miles made a failed attempt earlier this year to get Cameron a contract extension. Cameron’s contract ends on March 31.
  • LSU’s offensive numbers during the last two seasons aren’t great. The Tigers finished 54th (2015) and 80th (2014) in total offense, but it’s the passing offense that’s really struggled. LSU is 116th and 111th in passing O the last two seasons.
  • Brandon Harris, a talented and highly regarded QB out of Bossier City, seems to have regressed this season under Cameron’s watch. Harris’ numbers:
  • Completions-attempts: 60-126
  • Completion percentage: 47%
  • Touchdowns: 3
  • Interceptions 5
  • Completion-attempt: 42-67
  • Completion percentage: 62%
  • Touchdowns: 7
  • Interceptions 0
  • Kendal Briles, Baylor
  • Doug Meachum, TCU
  • Mike Norvell, Arizona State
  • Mike Sanford, Notre Dame
  • Dan Enos, Arkansas
  • Josh Henson, Missouri*

I’m not the best to ask about recruiting topics, as we get our recruiting information from others like Hunter Paniagua and Shea Dixon. Based on their information, yes, it does look like Franks could be wooed back. Much of that has to do with other QB prospects.

You can read more about that here.

Offense MVPs

  • RB Leonard Fournette
  • RG Will Clapp
  • LB Deion Jones
  • S Jamal Adams
  • FB J.D. Moore (a walk-on turned Fournette’s lead blocker)
  • LG Maea Teuhema (who expected this from a true freshman)
  • DE Lewis Neal (a DT turned team sack leader)
  • CB Kevin Toliver (see Maea Teuhema)
  • WR John Diarse (several drops, as recently as vs. A&M)
  • RB Darrel Williams (he seems to have disappeared lately)
  • CB Dwayne Thomas (began year as a starter and now benched)
  • S Rickey Jefferson (see Dwayne Thomas)

As we’ve written above, OC Cam Cameron’s job seems to be unsettled, certainly. Special teams, coordinated by Bradley Dale Peveto, struggled more this season than any LSU special teams unit under Les Miles.