LSU star freshman Ben Simmons is known for his wealth of talents as a scorer, rebounder and passer, all wrapped in a package that displays tremendous body control around the basket.

But there’s something he said he can’t do (yet) on the court, and that’s dunk like Saturday’s NBA Slam Dunk Contest winner Zach LaVine of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Simmons said he wished the contest could have ended in a tie between LaVine and the Orlando Magic’s Aaron Gordon. LaVine because he can take off on gravity-defying dunks from the free-throw line, and Gordon because he took a ball from the Orlando Magic mascot and launched over him for a spectacular between-the-legs slam.

“But probably Zach,” Simmons said Monday. “I know how tough that is. Between the legs I can do, but not from the free-throw line.”

Simmons was asked if he sees himself in the slam dunk contest one day.

“No. The skills challenge, though,” he said. “But eventually, maybe.”

By the way, the 19-year-old Simmons said he never dunked in a game until he was 15.