LSU’s Joe Alleva: Debate on some 'some silly NCAA rules' likely to come up at SEC spring meetings next week _lowres

LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva

LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva says one topic that could come up next week at the the annual SEC spring meetings in Sandestin, Fla., is what he called “some silly NCAA rules.”

Alleva was interviewed Tuesday morning on 104.5 FM ESPN’s Culotta & The Prince radio show.

Some rules could stand to be made “more logical and rational,” he said, including recruiting and how much contact a school can have with recruits.

“When a prospect comes on campus,” he said, “and it’s an unofficial visit and they come on campus, and they happen to run into, let’s just pick a name — Odell Beckham. If Odell Beckham is on campus, Odell Beckham can’t talk to the recruit. They can’t even run into each other at the weight room...the kid’s not even supposed to talk to him. That’s crazy.”

Alleva said he doesn’t see “one major issue” that will dominate the meetings. He said another topic of interest would be rapidly growing SEC Network. “I think we’ll review the network and fine-tune it,” he said.

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