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This is a great question, and something I thought about over the weekend, when, on Twitter, I saw multiple recruits post photos with Fournette.

I’m not sure LSU will pick up any new interest from recruits because of Fournette, but Fournette’s presence to recruits already interested has to help. It’s another part of the Leonard Fournette Effect.

Fournette has been snapping photos with recruits, spending time with them during visits. This all helps LSU’s recruiting process. And maybe it does attract recruits who were not previously interested. After all, LSU and Fournette seem to be everywhere this season in college football. The school’s logo and Fournette’s face is plastered around the sport.

I’m just guessing here, but I’d say …. No. Again, this is just a guess. Gordon has already been at LSU for four years. You don’t find many players – particularly the kind LSU recruits – who return to the school for a fifth year. It just doesn’t happen.

The big key here: Is he even eligible to receive a medical redshirt? The medical redshirt rule: Players who have played in less than 30 percent of a team’s games and were injured in the first half of the season are eligible for medical redshirts.

His last game played was LSU’s sixth game of an 11-game regular season.

Always. LSU never seems to play well against Arkansas. In eight of the last 10 years, the LSU-Arkansas game has been decided by eight or fewer points. The Tigers are 6-4 in those games.

Some of the more baffling outings: Last year’s 17-0 loss in Fayetteville, and overtime losses to unranked Arkansas in Baton Rouge in 2007 and 2009 when LSU was in the top 10; No. 3 LSU won by two points in 2005.

The Alabama game can wear a team down, ya know? It’s a physically grinding football game between programs with athletic and big guys. For the second straight year, the Tigers get the Hogs after the Tide.

Eh. I’d be lying if I gave a definite “no” or “yes.” This is an obvious statement, but the coaching staff is hoping to have him back by then. Will he be back? I don’t even think they know for sure about that.

Moore strained a ligament in his left knee. I believe it’s the ACL. That takes time to heal, and you don’t want Moore to return too quickly – something that might have happened with TE Dillon Gordon.

I haven’t been able to watch a ton of Alabama games this season and don’t know much about the Tide’s defensive line, but I’d guess it’s full of four and five star talent.

LSU OL Vadal Alexander said Florida’s front was the best LSU has faced this season – active, athletic, etc. And the Tigers did well against them. LSU ran for 220 yards, and QB Brandon Harris was not sacked. That’s a good sign for this unit ahead of the Bama game.

I would doubt that, but, again, haven’t watched a ton of it. The thing about Bama’s defense: Under Nick Saban, it has been one of the best nationally in stopping the run each year. That’s the Tigers’ bread and butter.

Currently, Bama is third nationally in rushing defense. The Tide allows just 70 ground yards a game.