Take that, Oklahoma State; LSU fires back in the battle over who is the real 'DBU' _lowres

In this Oct. 13, 2013, file photo, San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid (35) gestures during the second quarter of an NFL football game against the Arizona Cardinals in San Francisco.

San Franciso 49ers safety Eric Reid, who played for Dutchtown High School and LSU before going to the NFL, and is readying to play another season, but he acknowledged Tuesday that he has given some thought to leaving the NFL because of the three concussions he suffered in his first two seasons, according a report on the San Franciso Chronicle’s web site.

Reid, 23, a 2013 first-round pick, said he might seek out more medical advice, but he intends to play in 2015. “Everybody evaluates their own situation as far as playing this game,” Reid told The Chronicle. “I’ve evaluated mine and I’ve decided I still want to play.”

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