Q&A with Les Miles on his quarterbacks _lowres

Advocate file photo by TRAVIS SPRADLING -- LSU coach Les Miles says he expects the quarterback battle between Anthony Jennings, left, and Brandon Harris to resume soon and that he expects a 'postive' end to Jennings' arrest situation.

LSU’s quarterbacks haven’t separated themselves in the race for the starting job, and coach Les Miles hopes it happens at some point during fall camp or summer workouts.

That’s the latest from Miles on the hotly-competitive QB battle between the two. Here’s Miles’ answer to several questions about the QB competition.

Q: Are you doing anything different with the quarterbacks during summer workouts?

Miles: It is a player-drive summer. I think it’s best that you have two veteran guys of summer around here that will lead that. They’re looking to have a great summer that way. I think you’re finding that both quarterbacks are looking for individual work – and receivers – at their own times and own direction throwing balls.

We’ll have a number of our seven-on-seven events featuring our offense versus our defense. Against player-driven. I think our summer is everything we can ask it to be.

I think both guys will be improve and the summer will be another time they’ll show ‘I understand the offense more.’ Another time where they can re-affirm their abilities.

Q: How tight are those guys coming out of the spring and how competitive will it be in fall camp? And can you see a deal where you play both/

Miles: I would like to have a starter, would like to have the guy. I could also see a time where you have the necessity to play them both.

I would like to see those guys going into fall camp one separate themselves from the other and be a clear cut decision. If that does not happen – can’t make it happen – we’ll end up playing that guy who we feel like is the best for our team.

Q: How close are they right now?

Miles: I think there’s a real closeness. One guy hasn’t separated himself from the other and both guys are playing much better.

Q: Would the decision to pick a starter be which QB could accept the backup position better?

Miles: I don’t see it that way. I think I see it that it’s the ability to play that guy. On other words, whoever starts the first game, he’s going to have to realize, certainly, there’s another guy. It really depends how summer goes. If that guy separates himself, he’s proven by a great summer of work that he’s ready to be the quarterback, that’s what happens.

In the same vein, if that’s not what happens, I think the idea that we have a guy that’s going to compete with him – whoever the starter would be – come right in and step in maybe in the second series. I think there’s an advantage to that as well. We’re just … we’re in the deciding process of who’s the best quarterback for our team.