Alabama football and coach Nick Saban just finished a week they'd rather forget.

Injuries, arrests and dismissals plagued the Crimson Tide, along with Saban taking heat for the way he handled some of the situations.

Here's a recap of the Tide's notable events in the past week:

?Monday, March 31

Saban announced wide receiver Cam Sims tore an ACL in a recent scrimmage and will require surgery. Sims was expected to compete for a starting job.

In the same meeting with reporters, Saban steadfastly defended his signing of defensive lineman Jonathan Taylor, who has now been kicked off his second Southeastern Conference team for domestic violence arrests.

A defiant Saban was unapologetic about choosing to sign Taylor, who was also dismissed from Georgia before signing with Alabama for similar allegations of domestic violence.

"I'm not sorry for giving him an opportunity," Saban said. "I'm sorry for the way things worked out.

"I'm not apologizing for the opportunity that we gave him. I wanted to try to help the guy make it work. It didn't work. We're sorry that it didn't work and we're sorry that there was an incident and we're sorry for the people that were involved in the incident. But we're not apologizing for what we did, and we're going to continue to try to create opportunities in the future."

Taylor has been charged with domestic violence third-degree assault and domestic violence third-degree criminal mischief, Tuscaloosa police said. The 6-foot-4, 335-pound lineman was dismissed from Georgia in July 2014 following his arrest on aggravated assault and family violence charges for allegedly punching and choking his girlfriend.

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Regarding defensive back Geno Smith's recent arrest on a DWI charge, Saban said he would be subject to unspecified disciplinary action but that he didn't consider dismissing him from the team. The charge is Smith's second offense with drugs or alcohol.

Tuesday, March 31

Saban announced that he dismissed reserve running back Tyren Jones from the team following Jones' arrest for marijuana possession. Jones was charged with possession of marijuana 2nd degree and released on $1,000 bond, Tuscaloosa police said in a news release.

The coach had suspended Jones indefinitely on Feb. 10 "for conduct not to the standard of the Alabama football program."

"Tyren Jones was indefinitely suspended from the football program early in the semester," Saban said in a statement. "He was given an opportunity academically and from a team rules standpoint, but he failed to do any of the things necessary to comply with the rules of the Alabama football program. He was dismissed from the team when he refused to follow the parameters given to him for reinstatement."

Thursday, April 2

Saban back tracked a bit from his criticized Monday remarks and attempted to clarify his message in an interview.

"Look, I didn't handle it the best way and I take responsibility for that, but I certainly didn't mean for it to come across that I was insensitive to the seriousness of domestic violence," he said in the report.

Friday, April 3

Freshman running back Bo Scarborough will need surgery to repair a torn ACL he suffered in a scrimmage, according to a report.

"What seemed like a pretty strong position for us, depth-wise, has gotten a little thin," Saban said after Friday's scrimmage.

The Tide have two weeks remaining of spring practice. Alabama's spring game is April 18.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.