Advocate staff file photo by BILL FEIG -- Athletic Director Joe Alleva.


Let it be known that LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva isn't a fan of satellite camps -- or, as he calls them, "recruiting camps."

"Calling them satellite camps is a total misnomer. They're not satellite camps. They're purely and simply recruiting camps," Alleva said Thursday morning on Culotta & The Prince on 104.5 FM ESPN in Baton Rouge.

The topic of satellite camps has been a hot topic this week at the Southeastern Conference Spring Meeting. Coaches in other major conferences have been taking advantage of an NCAA loophole which allows them to work sports camps well outside their school’s home state or geographic area.

"I just think it's a terrible idea," Alleva said. "But if we have to do it, we have to do it. Mainly what I'm concerned about is other schools coming into our state and stealing our kids."

SEC coaches are prohibited from taking part in out-of-state camps, which they say puts them at a recruiting disadvantage.

On Wednesday at the SEC Spring Meeting, Commissioner Mike Slive said the SEC has begun the process of creating NCAA legislation to eliminate so-called “satellite camps” around the country.

"We're ready to do it. We don't want to do it. We think it's a really bad rule. We're going to try to get it changed.," Alleva said.

If LSU has to "join the frenzy," the school's focus would likely be hosting camps in Louisiana rather than outside the state. That's because the football team's success is largely tied to in-state players going to LSU.

Keeping that trend going, Alleva said, "needs to always be our top priority."

"Mainly what I'm concerned about is other schools coming into our state and stealing our kids," he said.

If the SEC can’t get its rule adopted nationally, Slive said the conference will allow its coaches to participate in such camps by 2016.

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