Not only is the 2017 Shriners Hospitals for Children College Classic loaded with great teams, it’s also loaded with promising prospects.

Kendall Rogers, a national college baseball writer for, took some time to break down some of the players the scouts will watch this weekend in Houston.

It is important to note this is not necessarily a list of the best players in Houston this weekend, but rather 15 of the first names that entered Rogers’ mind as he thought of each team.

Baylor Fr. C Shea Langeliers, 6-0, 190

Rogers: “He’s going to be a big-time dude in a couple years. Really physical for such a young player, a really mature approach. Good behind the plate, good arm, he’s the complete package.”

LSU Sr. 2B Cole Freeman, 5-9, 174

Rogers: “I was talking to a scout a few weeks ago who said, ‘He’s a little dude, but you know what he’s going to be? One of those little rascals that in five years I’m going to be sitting there punching myself in the face because I didn’t draft him.’ I think he’s going to get people to the point where they can’t turn him down.”

LSU Jr. RF Greg Deichmann, 6-2, 209

Rogers: “He’s probably got 75-80 on the power scale. If he can go out there this weekend on that stage and not swing and miss, have mature approaches, go opposite field and hit with some power, he is absolutely a guy who can climb up the charts because there aren’t a lot of guys out there with his kind of power.”

LSU Jr. RHP Alex Lange, 6-3, 199

Rogers: “In the fall, he’d fallen to the 17-22 range overall. I talked to a scout last week who said Lange had probably looked the best he ever has against Maryland. If he can go out there and command his curveball the rest of the season, Lange can absolutely be a top-five pick.”

Ole Miss Sr. 3B Colby Bortles, 6-5, 225

Rogers: “He’s kind of interesting. He’s got great raw power, and when you have that kind of power you’ve got a chance in the draft.”

Ole Miss Fr. SS Grae Kessinger, 6-2, 190

Rogers: “In a couple years, he’s going to be a big time dude. He’s an absolute stud from what I understand.”

Ole Miss So. SP James McArthur, 6-7, 190

Rogers: “He can get up to 93 with a nice slider. It’s really tough to hit him because he’s coming from such a downhill angle with a lot of run on his fastball.”

TCU So. 1B Luken Baker, 6-4, 265

Rogers: “The only problem I have with Luken — and I don’t want to even call it a problem, because he’s such a naturally powerful hitter — but I do wonder if he’s a DH at the next level. He kind of reminds me of C.J. Chron a little bit. But his bat is so pure I think he’s absolutely a top five guy.”

TCU Sr. RHP Brian Howard, 6-9, 185

Rogers: “He’ll be a top-10 round pick. He’s a guy who will get up to 91-92 with a real nice cutter.”

TCU Fr. LHP Nick Lodolo, 6-6, 185

Rogers: “Lodolo is a guy a lot of people are going to talk about for the next couple of years. He kind of has that Chris Sale lankiness, but he hits 92-93 with his fastball. He’s worth the price of admission. He’s going to be special.”

Texas A&M Jr. RHP Brigham Hill, 6-0, 185

Rogers: “He’s probably a 3-7 round type of guy, anywhere from 89-92, really good slider and changeup, a bulldog type of guy.”

Texas A&M Jr. RHP Corbin Martin, 6-2, 200

Rogers: “His control has been all over the place. (He throws) 92-96 with a wipe out curve. Has a chance to be a first round pick, but he’s going to have to start commanding the ball a lot better to be that guy.”

Texas A&M Fr. INF Braden Shewmake, 6-4, 180

Rogers: “He’s a guy I would really circle. The (comparison) with him is (former LSU infielder) DJ LeMahieu. He’s a tall, rangy infielder with some pop, a really nice stroke. Really mature approach.”

Texas Tech So. RHP Davis Martin, 6-2, 220

Rogers: “Their Friday guy. (D1 Baseball national writer Aaron Fitt) saw him up to 94 at Mississippi State. He’s got a nice frame, he’s hard-nosed, he’ll sink at 91-94, he’s got a good slider. He has a chance to be a really high pick next year.”

Texas Tech Fr. UT/RHP John McMillon, 6-3, 250

Rogers: “He’s a big donkey from Jasper, right over there on the border of Louisiana. He’s country strong, he’ll get up to 97 from the bullpen.”

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