Jazmine Fenlator, right, and Lolo Jones of the United States start for a heat race of the women's bobsleigh competition at the 2014 Winter Olympics, on Friday in Krasnaya Polyana, Russia. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)

Apparently being in Sochi is a lot rougher than people expect.

Lolo Jones remains on a quest for Olympic gold. For now, she'd settle for cold and some decent food.

Warm weather during the first week have given the Sochi Games more of a summer feel, and Jones, now a U.S. bobsledder after running hurdles in Beijing and London, isn't happy that she's not getting to wear any of her stylish winter gear.

"I'm (upset)," she said, cracking a smile. "I wanted to wear all my winter clothes and hats and gloves. ... I think Sochi just needs to go ahead and put their bid in for the Summer Games. Go ahead and do it."

Jones also took to Instagram in a video last weekend complaining about the kind of food given to Olympians in Sochi. Click here to see the video.

Jones and USA-3 driver Jazmine Fenlator completed their last practice runs on Sunday in preparation for two-man bobsled, which begins for the women on Tuesday. They got in their final heats in bright sunshine and temperatures pushing 50 degrees at the Sanki Sliding Center, about an hour's drive into the Caucasus Mountains from Sochi.

Following the second run, Jones had a noticeable abrasion above her right eye, a bobsled battle scar.

"Jazmine got out and was a little frustrated and hit me in the head," Jones joked. "No, she was trying out some stuff so I was trying out some helmets. I'll go with the second one I was wearing today."

Jones seems to be enjoying her first winter Olympics experience, minus any snow or sleet or hint that it's actually February and not April.

(The Associated Press and Yahoo!Sports contributed to this report.)