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It wasn’t just the spring game. Remember the Music City Bowl against Notre Dame? TE DeSean Smith had four catches for 66 yards and was targeted at least one other time.

LSU certainly isn’t short in tight ends. It’s a deep position group, and Smith showed that he can catch the ball and, maybe, be a mismatch when running routes. I’d expect to see it more this season than we’ve seen in the past, but that’s no guarantee. After all, LSU has an incredibly talented group of receivers.

I’m not so certain about that. After all, LSU has five relievers with ERAs of less than 3.00. That doesn’t include former starter Jake Godfrey (developing into a nice relief pitcher), Zac Person (3.32 ERA) and Russell Reynolds, who has inherited nine base runners this season and allowed just one to score.

Is the bullpen the strongest part of the team? No. But I doubt it’s the weakest. Don’t judge an entire group based on one player. Jesse Stallings has blown his last three saves in SEC games. That is a concern, yes.

D1Baseball released its mid-season list of college prospects, and four LSU juniors were on the list. Coach Paul Mainieri expects all four to leave school early. Here’s D1Baseball’s rankings:

  • SS Alex Bregman: No. 3
  • CF Andrew Stevenson: 29
  • 1B Chris Chinea: 90
  • RF Mark Laird: 141

You’ll have to ask Les Miles that one, but, like most coaches, he wants a balanced team. Last year, LSU was as unbalanced (toward the run) as it’s been in Miles’ 10 years. Here’s some numbers crunching we did a while back:

Year: Run/Pass ration … Record

  • 2014: 69/29 ……8-5
  • 2013: 62/38 … 10-3
  • 2012: 60/40 … 10-3
  • 2011: 68/32 … 13-1
  • 2010: 64/36 … 11-2
  • 2009: 56/44 … 9-4
  • 2008: 56/44 … 8-5
  • 2007: 58/42 … 12-2
  • 2006: 55/45 … 11-2
  • 2005: 59/41 … 11-2

There’s a shot, yes. Latz threw his first bullpen since preseason practice on Tuesday. It went “ok,” Paul Mainieri said after Tuesday night’s game. The pitcher has a ways to go, though, Mainieri said.

Coaches will evaluate him throughout this week, and, if he feels OK, he’ll throw another bullpen and, possibly, another one before the game against UNO. If he doesn’t pitch in the game against UNO on May 12, he won’t pitch this season.

Here’s more on all of that.

Yes, I’d expect Zardon to make the trip to Starkville for the series against Mississippi State. We should know that later today – when LSU leaves for Starkville around 2 p.m. Check Twitter.

Zardon got his first start since March 19 in a win over Alcorn on Tuesday, and, with Kramer Robertson hurt, I’d expect him to make the trip.