Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson pondered his Wrestlemania 32 and Hollywood successes recently and immediately recalled his former University of Miami defensive line coach, Ed Orgeron now with LSU, according to a report in SI.com.

"He's a phenominal coach and crazy as all hell, Johnson said in the interview. Johnson was heavily influenced by Orgeron's straight no-nonsense approach when performing one's job on the field, which Johnson attributed to successes he's enjoyed in his post-football career. For Orgeron, results counted. Period. "You pin your ears back and get after it...and if the quarterback is able to get the ball off, then it's your fault," Johnson said, recalling an Orgeron philosophy.

Johnson played on the defensive line when the Hurricanes caputured the national championship in 1991.

Orgeron, a Louisiana native, served as the former interim head coach of USC in 2014 before being hired to LSU coach's Les Miles' staff to manage the defensive line for the Tigers.

Since returning to LSU, where he began his football career before transferring to Northwestern Louisiana, Orgeron has been charming Tiger fans and recruits with his school enthusiasm on his cellphone voicemail greetings, along with firing up Tiger fans in Lafayette during a recent Tiger tour by speaking in Cajun French.

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