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Oh man. It’s kinda early, no? I haven’t given this too much thought and don’t plan to – seeing as this season isn’t even over yet. But … I do believe LSU will be a better team than it was this season.

The passing game and quarterback play can’t possibly regress a third straight season, and Leonard Fournette will likely be playing his last season – his final shot to win a national title and the Heisman Trophy. It could be something special.

The Tigers, though, might have to replace as many as five defensive players, depending on the decision of draft-eligible players like CB Tre White and LB Kendell Beckwith. They’ll be thin at linebacker but should be strong on the defensive line.

LSU has some toughies but the two hardest games, arguably, are at home (Alabama and Ole Miss). Wisconsin will be at a neutral site, and there are road games at Florida, Texas A&M, Arkansas and Auburn.

My final answer (nine months before kickoff): 10-2.

This isn’t just Franks. This is a growing trend in recruits, especially those who feel as if they’re ready to play immediately. Why go to School A, where there’s another QB committed in your class, when School B has no QBs committed and whose starter is struggling?

Many players are choosing School B. It’s a big reason behind commitment/signing decisions these days. Again, it’s not just Franks. Recruiting experts say the top reasons kids commit are the relationship with coaches, playing time immediacy and location from home.

Highly doubtful. There were rumors and reports that Rashard Robinson would, one day, return to the team, too. Things like that don’t often happen.

What happened over the last few weeks seems, to me, to be another attempt from the LSU administration to get Miles to realize that three-to-four loss seasons with a passing game that ranks in the triple digits nationally is not OK.

Will it convince Les Miles to change? Who knows. Miles has not contemplated staff changes, he said, but anything he says in that regard is hard to believe.

After all, the Tigers are trying to preserve their No. 2-ranked recruiting class. LSU coaches are out recruiting some of the nation’s best. It’s doubtful Miles would say anything to damage recruiting with his coaches on the road visiting prospects.

Miles also mentioned after the A&M game that his offense needs to change, but scoffed at a question about overhauling the unit. As recently as Sunday, Miles said he would tinker with the offense during bowl practice.

Here’s your answer: We won’t know until next season.

— Tanner Martin (@tmart325) December 8, 2015

He’s a guy who could absolutely be in the mix. After all, he started as a true freshman for Purdue. Also, don’t forget about any incoming freshman QB, specially if the Tigers flip back Feleipe Franks.