Like a lot of other people, LSU football coach Les Miles can’t wait to see heralded freshman basketball player Ben Simmons in a purple and gold uniform for the first time.

In a football uniform, that is, down on the goal line in Tiger Stadium.

“I can tell you that we look forward to watching him and supporting him fully … what a magnificent player,” Miles said of the 6-foot-10 Simmons, who was the nation’s top recruit this winter. “If he’s interested in taking some snaps for us, he could come over — very honestly — and I can give him a goal-line position where I would throw it to him.

“All he’s got to prove to me is one thing: That he can catch,” he said. “If he can catch, which certainly we would all predict in this room that he could, he would set the NCAA record for touchdowns.”

He said he would line Simmons up in the red zone and if the opponents put three defenders on him, they would run the ball. With only two defenders on Simmons, they would throw it to him.

Miles said he was serious, adding, “I am dead serious. … All you have to do is get me anywhere 6-9 and above, very athletic with ball skills, I guarantee it. Why would we run the ball? We could just throw it over there to him.”

Asked if LSU basketball coach Johnny Jones would be OK with his plan, Miles chuckled and said, “I think Johnny would have a fit.”