Leonard Fournette’s most important event — and, really, the only one he participated in Wednesday at LSU pro day — was stepping onto a scale.

“Basically,” the former LSU star running back said, “just wanted to show everybody that I can lose the weight.”

Consider it done.

Fournette weighed it at 228 pounds, 12 pounds lighter than his much-ballyhooed weigh-in at the combine five weeks ago. His unexcitedly high 240-pound showing in Indianapolis caused a stir.

Things quieted after he raced to a 4.51-second 40-yard dash time later that day, but, still, the New Orleans native arrived to LSU’s indoor practice facility Wednesday with one real goal: “My weight,” he said.

“Some people had concerns at 240,” he said. “I wanted to show them I can stay on course and be disciplined and do what I have to do and get my stuff in order.”

Fournette surprisingly chose not to participate in any agility drills — the 3-cone or the two shuttle runs. He did not participate in those drills at the combine. It’s “incredibly rare” for a player to never post a number in at least one of the three agility drills leading up to the draft, said Matt Miller, NFL draft analyst for Bleacher Report.

It brings on questions, most notably, “Why not run them?”

Fournette was asked that Wednesday during his post-pro day news conference.

“Those are things I’m good at,” he said.

Fournette doesn’t seem too worried. Most believe he’s the top running back in the 2017 draft, almost assured of a top-10 selection April 27 from Philadelphia. He flashed some of that top-10 skill during individual workouts. He worked out as a running back and a receiver, a move to show scouts and coaches that he, yes, can be a viable part of a passing game.

It’s a weakness, if there’s any, in his sparkling résumé.

“If I were him, I would have spent the last month on catching the ball, running routes,” Miller said. “That’s going to be something where he can make up some ground. He’s the No. 1 running back. Everybody aggress. That’s where he can go from the eighth pick to the fourth.”

He at least impressed his former coach Wednesday, running through the yellow dummies during individual work. 

"A lot of the (NFL) guys, it was kind of a ‘wow’ factor when he ran through those bags," Ed Orgeron said. 

His weight was his biggest concern. How’d he lose so much in a month’s span?

“My mom’s been on me about what I’m eating,” he smiled, in a half-joking manner. “(Weight) really doesn’t matter. I can play good any weight I want to.”

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