Atchafalaya Spillway bass regulations will change again come Saturday to the same as statewide regulations.

The new creel limit will be 10 per day with no size limit.

After changing from 20-year-long, 14-inch minimum size and a five-bass daily creel limit, the state Wildlife and Fisheries Commission approved a temporary, seven-fish, no minimum-size limit for black bass in June 2013, with a provision to change creel and size limits should there be a biological need to limit catch or minimum fish size.

Continue sampling showed the area could sustain the same catch regulations as other state water bodies, and the “transition” regulations were removed.

The new creel and no-size restrictions also apply to the Lake Verret Basin and the Lake Palourde and Lake Fausse Point-Lake Dauterive complexes.

The restrictive measures were implemented in the wake of August, 1992 Hurricane Andrew that killed an estimated 175 million fish in the Atchafalaya and Verret basins. Included in that estimate were 5 million bass.