Anybody have a working crystal ball?

Mine isn’t: All the moisture around fogs it every time it’s removed from its fleece-lined case, and it’s needed to predict fishing success during the coming days.

Most of south Louisiana is covered with high, dirty water, and that includes places that weren’t rivers or bayous or lakes two weeks ago.

The good news is we’re getting strong north winds to push out some of the floodwaters, but that comes with rising barometers, a factor that will make catching all species — except redfish — a tough proposition.

And no matter where you go, you’re going to need lots of clothes.


Cold after the front pushed through here late Thursday with another front due in late Monday bringing another round of freezing nighttime temperatures.

Expect strong north winds to abate by Saturday with choppy conditions (3-5 feet nearshore and 5-8 feet offshore) to settle late Saturday into Sunday into 5-10 knot winds and 1 foot or less seas.

The major rivers are on a rise after all the rainfall here and up north.


The best reports came from the Atchafalaya Spillway and the Pearl River.

Again, be mindful of extra-high barometric pressures for the next week, a condition that requires going to smaller lures, lighter line and much slower presentations.

Black/blue jigs-n-pigs and small crawfish imitations worked on Atchafalaya bass, while black/chartreuse tube jigs and live shiners took sac-a-lait.

In the Pearl River, pumpkinseed-colored and black/blue jigs worked in areas off the muddy main river, as did small, slowly worked spinnerbaits and small soft plastics.

There was some action in the marshes south of Amelia and Gibson. Water was high there, but the bass and sac-a-lait had moved into the areas under the willows where it was apparent water was warmer and there was more food.

The Belle River-Lake Verret system is high and muddy and will remain high and muddy for the next week. Same’s true for all the Florida Parishes rivers.

The coast

The biggest problem will be finding clear water, which will be moving on the strong north winds.

The northern end of bays and lakes likely will clear first.

The Sulphur Mine Lake and surrounding waters (North-South Canal and Old Bayou Blue) near Golden Meadow are deep enough to hold concentrations of speckled trout, redfish and black drum. Black/green, black/chartreuse and purple/chartreuse soft-plastic, minnow-like baits worked last week.

Consider going to lighter line (extra-tough 8- or 10-pound line is good) and to a lighter jighead to better detect bites. Try the H&H Bull Minnow (avocado/red glitter) as a smaller lure.