Louisiana’s fall inshore shrimp season will begin at 6 a.m., Monday, Aug. 17 after the Louisiana Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission voted in a special meeting Thursday afternoon in Baton Rouge.

Tthe commission heard suggestions about the season from state marine biologists and from shrimpers, who appeared to be divided about opening on the state-law-mandated opening no later than the third Monday in August.

The fall season primarily is a white shrimp catch, and small-boat shrimpers along Bayou Lafourche and the Barataria Basin want the season to open earlier because market-size white shrimp are showing up in the shallow water estuaries. Larger boats, vessels that work in waters off the beaches and in deeper water want the season to open later when white shrimp grow to sizes that often command a higher price from wholesalers.

State managers also reminded shrimpers that a vote in the 2015 Legislature repealed a law that prohibited state Enforcement Division agents from enforcing federal regulations that require shrimpers to use turtle excluder devices. Only skimmer and butterfly nets are exempt from the rule, but only if the shrimpers using this equipment comply with two-time regulations.

For a map outlining allowed areas for the fall inshore season, go to the state website: www.wlf.louisiana.gov/fishing/shrimp-seasons