What? Another cold front?

OK, so not as cold as last week’s chilly surge, but one that will bring rain just in time for the weekend. And your chance to get after the speckled trout that showed up on the Pontchartrain bridges and the bluegill that have been inhaling crickets in the Lake Verret area will be put on hold until you work five days next week, then hope for a only the third good weather weekend since the state opened it’s recreational red snapper season in late March.


Rain is in the Friday-through-Sunday forecasts with 5-15 knot winds and 1-2 foot seas moving from the south Friday to the northwest by Saturday night, before winds and seas build when the front is predicted to move through south Louisiana Sunday.

Offshore conditions are OK for seafaring folks with 10-15 knot winds pushing seas into the 3-foot range.

Expect morning lows in the 60s with highs near 80 through Sunday with cooler mornings ahead Monday and Tuesday.

The Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers are on steady rises and pushing to or above flood stages at most points.


The Atchafalaya Spillway is out, except for anglers who know the backwater areas off the main runs, places like ponds and lakes off Schwing Chute and the small oxbows off the Atchafalaya River. Jigs-and-pigs are working along with crawfish imitations.

The bluegill run continues in the canals off Lake Verret. Use crickets, but know that the continuing south winds will swell water levels through Saturday.

Same’s true for the marshes south of U.S. 90. Maybe the best day there will be Sunday when north winds will push water from the big ponds back into the canals. That will send bass, goggle-eye and bluegill into the canals. Find runouts for the best action and use watermelon-red soft-plastic creature baits like Baby Brush Hogs, 6-inch lizards, jerkworms and swimbaits. Punching heavy jigs could work around lilies bunched up in runouts, though grassbeds near the banks on the down-current side of runouts likely will hold baitfish and predator species.

Despite last weekend’s hard winds, bass continued to move near the creek channels on the east and west sides of Toledo Bend.


The big news came from the U.S. 11 bridge and the railroad trestle bridge on Pontchartrain’s south end. A variety of lures got the attention of speckled trout. Live shrimp on Carolina rigs worked along the bottom around the pilings produced the most consistent action, but blue, pearl and avocado colors with chartreuse tails soft-plastics on 3/8-ounce jigheads were productive.

Trout showed up at Lake Borgne platforms, too, but rough conditions will put those targets off limits this weekend, but should be good late next week.

Trout and redfish were holding in the protected bays north of Grand Isle.