Early duck reports promising _lowres

Photo provided by RANDY BARKSDALE Remembering dad Rod Haydel, left, and his wife, Pam, shared Saturday's opening-day hunt in the state's Coastal Zone with Randy Barksdale, right, in celebration of the life of Rod's dad, renowned call maker Eli Haydel, who passed away earlier this year. It's the first hunt in more than 30 years without Eli Haydel at the camp near Calcasieu Lake. The three-hunter limit included gray ducks, pintail, teal and shovelers. "There were tons of ducks in the air south of Lake Charles on opening morning," Barksdale said. Other hunters in the southwestern marshes reported seeing the most ducks in their area in more than 10 years.

GaitWay ‘Shatterin’ Clays

PORT ALLEN — The top three teams from the 100-shooters, 13-station 3rd-annual “Shatterin’ Clay for GaitWay sporting clays event held at Hunters’ Run Gun Club to benefit the GaitWay Therapeutic Horsemanship Program.

1, Turner Industries, Kane Altazin, Joel Gautreaux, Remi Brown, Jamie Taylor.

2, Cora Texas Sugar Mill, Frank Randazzo, Scott Kessler, Josh O’Dwyer, Brad Kessler.

3, ISC, “Skeeter” LeRoy, Gary Hallman, Michael Fredric, Johnny Rispone.