Couple finds hazard off Barataria Waterway _lowres

Photo provided by RUDY VALENCIANO A record for the table Eric Valenciano said he heard about the fall run on pampano along the Louisiana coast and decided to get in on some of the action on a fly rod. This is a 4.4-pound pompano he caught on a shrimp imitation last week. He sent this photo to his dad, Rudy, who located the Louisiana State Top 10 Records on the Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association website to find that the state-record pompano take on on fly tackle is 2.62 pounds. By the time Rudy was able to contact his son, Eric told him the fish already was prepared for the table. "We went back Sunday out out Venice looking for the pompano, but they were gone," Rudy said. "So we circled the calendar for next year."

Jennifer Brown took time earlier this month to write about a near tragedy she and her husband endured in the Lafitte area.

Brown said they started “exploring the Texaco Canal and spots near there ... and we ran into a problem, literally.”

Her story went like this: “We had just entered into what we thought was the opening to Texaco Canal from (the) Barataria Waterway. There were pilings off to our right, which we stayed clear of, and marshy grasses to our left. We took the wide opening between the two and went in.

“After realizing we needed to go over one more canal to get to Texaco Canal, we made a u-turn and headed back to Barataria Waterway.

“As we approached the Barataria, the boat suddenly slammed into something and threw us forward, almost throwing me out of the boat. We looked around and didn’t see anything.”

What they found was what she described as an “oil well pipe of some sort,” but because of persistent southeast winds in September and early October, the pipe was about 10 inches under the water, and she said there were no markers indicating the pipe was there.

“The bolt on top of the pipe tore three holes in the boat,” she wrote adding that she and her husband were able to get back to Joe’s Landing on a bent prop and only after constant bailing.

Her plea is to have the appropriate federal and state agencies see that this hazard is clearly marked, and to warn other fishermen and boaters of this problem.

For the winners

Brandon Treadaway of Kenner and Kevin Bergeron of Jefferson won last weekend’s two-day Louisiana Saltwater Series’ Redfish Championship with a two-per-day redfish catch weighing 35.68 pounds. They caught their two less-than-27-inches-long reds for a first-day weight of 17.8 pounds and a matched that with a 17.88-pound second-day catch.

Here’s the rub to this story: The Alabama team of Bobby Abruscato and Scott Ritter were a close second at 35.43 pounds, and, that same day — and along with the IFA Kayak Championship held in Houma, the student teams from Ft. Myers’ Florida Gulf Coast University and King High in Tampa, Fla. were taking respective titles in the first IFA College and IFA High School Saltwater tournaments.

FGCU’s Wyler Gins and Will Kollmann had two reds weigh 15.84, while King High’s brothers Corbin and Conner Ferrantegennaro weighed in 15.76 pounds on their first trips into the Louisiana marshes.

Gins said they fished the marshes for two days and ran 30-45 minutes from Falgout Canal to catch their fish on Berkley Gulp! shrimp.

“There were lots of mullet jumping and we were mainly looking for big v-wakes or in shallower water we could see the whole backs of the redfish. We caught all four of our fish by sight-fishing,” Gins said in the IFA release.

The high-schoolers reportedly ran to the Lost Lake area and used inline spinnerbaits and spoons in heavy grass.

Reminder for waterfowlers

Duck and goose seasons are just days away, and all hunters 16 and older are required to carry a federal waterfowl stamp when in the marshes, fields and swamps.

The $15 stamps are sold at all U.S. post offices, and from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s special website:

There are two other ways: Wildlife & Fisheries’ license vendors can issue these stamps in the form of a certificate on your license, and, for the first time this year, the LDWF can issue stamp “certification” via its website: or by calling (877) 447-1318. There’s a $1.72 charge for using the latter two services.

The LDWF’s instruction for a telephone purchase is that hunters getting their federal stamps will receive a confirmation number, or if using a vendor or LDWF’s online licensing, a hunter will receive a printed receipt.

The LDWF’s announcement indicated the confirmation number and the printed receipt will be accepted as evidence of the purchase for 45 days and must be possessed while hunting waterfowl, but this proof of purchase expires 45 days after purchase date, and a stamp will be mailed to the hunter.”

Sight-in reminder

East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office’s Hunter’s Sight-in Days begin Tuesday and run through Nov. 3 at its range located at 999 West Irene Road off U.S. 61 in Zachary.

Hours are 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

The rules are simple:

  • All weapons will be sighted in by the range staff;
  • Weapons must be in good working condition with all actions open when entering the range;
  • Hunters must furnish only factory ammo, and the staff will not fire reloaded ammo;
  • Muzzleloaders are not allowed.