Just in time for the deer hunting season, Jackson Landers’ 175-page, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand guide should be a primer for all deer hunters, especially young or novice hunters.

Landers was raised in a vegetarian home and continued to his still-formative years when he found a passion for hunting and his admitted “desire to avoid factory-farmed meat.”

For him, that means hunting deer for food, and he’s left no stone unturned in leading others into the basics for hunting deer and turning hunts into venison for his table.

To his credit, Landers starts at the beginning — there are several paragraphs about why he hunts — and explains why hunters should take local game. That leads to a word seldom seen in any hunting literature. “Locavore” is a hunter/consumer who fills his or her larder with local food.

Again, to his credit, he spends time in all corners of the whitetail deer — evolution, biology, feeding habits, breeding cycles — before he explains (in easy-to-understand fashion) the choices of hunting weapons, ammo, camouflage, scents and scent covers, stands and scouting, even shot placement, then added pages advising hunters about where and how to find open, public lands to hunt.

Credit No. 3 is that Landers continues by taking hunting effort to quality tablefare, when he covers field dressing, skinning, butchering and venison processing. His sauerbraten recipe on Page 163 is a dish that should become a staple for every hunting camp.

Landers’ guide is a bargain at $16.95 and it has joined the Advocate Outdoors reference library. It would make a terrific present for any young, willing-to-learn hunter.