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Photo provided by PEGGY JOHNSON A big giant Autumn Fidler holds open the mouth of the 11-foot alligator she took on a fundraising hunt in the Delacroix marshes. Fidler, from Conway, Ark., was among eight "sport" hunters bidding on the hunt that benefits Evergreen Life Services, a ministry involving Presbyterian churches that helps developmentally and intellectually challenged individuals. Fidler's 11-foot, 2-inch bull gator was the giant of the day. Since 2012, ELS has raised more than $60,000 from these hunts on lands owned or managed by Delacroix Corporation and Terre aux Bouef Land Company. Licensed hunters helped each of the eight hunters during the day, and each gator take had a state tag affixed before it was transported to the landing. Landowners received tags from the state according to acreage and the estimated number of alligators on their land. The state's alligator season usually runs from the last week in August through the end of September.

Save Our Lake

NEW ORLEANS — Saturday’s final results from the two-day Save Our Lake & Coast Fishing Rodeo held from the New Canal Lighthouse with special division and category winners. Weights are in pounds and ounces. The “Biggest Fish” category was an entry of species other than the Open Division regular specie categories:


The Big Kahuna: Harold Hellbach, 65 points.

Biggest Crab: Adrianna Street, 7.25 inches.

Biggest Fish: Hellbach, 48 pounds, 0 ounces.

Speckled Trout Stringer (5-fish): Robert Helffrich, 6-2.

Speckled Trout: 1, Robert Helffrich, 3-2.5. 2, Mike Farrell, 1-8.5. 3, Farrell, 1-7.75.

Redfish: 1, Harold Hellbach, 26-0. 2, Larry Roth, 25-0. 3, Robert Helffrich, 7-15.75.

Black Drum: 1, Ryan Shultz, 6-7.5. 2, John Davis Jr., 5-8. 3, Mike Farrell, 4-14.5.

Sheepshead: 1, Scott Latham, 3-6. 2, Harold Hellbach, 2-8.75. 3, Tyson Schmidt, 2-7.5.

Croaker: 1, John Davis Jr., 0-9.75. 2, Harold Hellbach, 0-6.25. 3, Ryan Shultz, 0-6.

White Trout: 1, Harold Hellbach, 0-6. 2, Hellbach, 0-5.5. 3, Hellbach, 0-5.

Flounder: 1, Jeff Kreller, 2-6.75. 2, Gairi Williamson, 1-13.25. 3, Ryan Shultz, 1-7.25.

Catfish: 1, Robert Helffrich, 4-6.5. 2, John Davis Jr., 3-6.5. 3, Jeff Kreller, 3-2.75.


The Kayak Kahuna: Gairi Williamson, 60 points.


The Lil’ Kahuna: Isabella Street, 9 spots.

Under 10 years old: 1, Jase Helffrich, 21-0. 2, Austin Helffrich, 17-0. 3, Marlie Autry, 5-11.5.

10-15 years old: 1, Julia Dwelle, 17-0. 2, Dwelle, 7-15.25. 3, 3, Isabella Street, 4-1.75.