OK, all you speckled trout fishermen, don’t press the panic button yet. It’s the first week of the fall season and you know what happens when the sun begins dipping lower in the sky — trout go on the move and they become difficult to find, therefore difficult to catch.

The good news is that you don’t have to work hard to find redfish. They’re everywhere, and if you like catching bass, then head to the Atchafalaya Spillway and the runs on the east side of the river near Venice.

A note for offshore fishermen: The recreational season for greater amberjack closes Sunday night.


Saturday appears to be the best for light winds and seas, otherwise expect 10-15 knot easterly winds on the other days with 1-3 foot waves across the coast and slightly rougher offshore. A high pressure system will rule with morning lows in the low 70s and afternoon highs in the mid 80s.


Lots of small bass continue to show up in the Atchafalaya, and they’re coming from muddy water and clear-water spots. Heavier bass are coming from clearer-water spots, and most of those can be found in canals and bayous that lead into open-water spots like Grand Lake, Duck Lake and Flat Lake.

White/blue spinnerbaits with Colorado (round) blades are working in muddy water (the round-bladed emit more vibration) while chartreuse/white (some with blue in the skirts, too) with a gold willowleaf behind smaller round, chrome Colorado blades are good in clearer-water spots.

Because bass appear to be chasing shad, there’s action on small spinnerbaits rigged with shad-colored H&H Cocahoe Minnows and Matrix Shad. Goggle-eye are whacking this lure, too, along with Beetle Spins and Roadrunners.

Some buzzbait action in the morning, and in the midday hours when you can work these lures along the outside of brushtops, downed trees and large off-the-bank grass beds. Punching heavy jigs rigged with watermelon/red creature baits works in the heavily matted grass, too.

Sac-a-lait appear to be working off the banks in heavy deep-water cover.

Coastal waters

One report from the Delacroix area showed catches of small trout, the same as what’s happening in inside waters west of The Fourchon and Lake DeCade and Lake Mechant.

If you want something to stretch your line, then redfish are taking everything from topwaters to bottom-hugging Carolina rigs in most places from the edges of Lake Borgne and the Biloxi Marsh to reefs behind Grand Isle west into Terrebonne. The best redfish action is coming over shell beds and oyster beds and that’s where live baitfish under a cork is good. There’s a bonus of “puppy” drum and sheepshead in those spots, and flounder near run-outs.