Covering National Safe Boating Week, Sunday’s Advocate Outdoors story listed a item about the need for boat-trailer inspections.

A correction is needed: House Bill 347 from the 2014 State Legislature turned into Act 235 which exempts boat trailers from state inspections.

So, Louisiana boaters, you don’t have to worry about inspections stickers for your boat trailer.

Thanks to the handful of outdoorsmen who noted the change, and Advocate Outdoors regrets the error.

Commercial trailers were not included in the exemption, nor does Act 235 exempt trailer owners from liability from damage caused by their trailers.

A call for BRHS alums

A small group of Baton Rouge High School alums are working to set up a first Baton Rouge High Fishing Rodeo during the July 31-Aug. 1 weekend out of Moran’s Marina at Fourchon.

The group needs help in terms of more folks willing to help with this inaugural event. Call Gary Rispone (225) 937-1133 or email: