What a great time to be a father, and for those fortunate among us, a grandfather.

This is a very special day for outdoorsmen.

Who among us hunters and fishermen owe so much of what we do and have to the men who guided us into the swamps, marshes and forests, and those who gave their time, and their resources, to get us near enough to the water to catch our first fish?

For us Baby Boomers, most of those men have passed on, and bitter-sweet memories come with remembering them. There will be grand-glorious recollections of the time we had with them mixed with a sadness that we can’t have another, even just a few minutes, to swig a Barq’s root beer that usually came at the end of a trip after we had hauled in the last crab or took that last speckled trout off a hook.

For us, we can only pass along these memories to our grandchildren. If you’re young enough, take time to do this for your children.

It’s like this: We’d like to think that somewhere in our families there will be the next great quarterback, or ace pitcher, or dead-eye shooting basketball player, or a gold-medal winning swimmer, shot putter, miler, soccer star. Not all our children can be sports stars.

What they can be is a fishermen, or a hunter, or a naturalist, and certainly a conservationist. And they can be someone who’ll fight for clean water, or the right to fish and hunt, or the right to access public lands — and thank God we’ve had men and women who came before us who took on all opposition to give us what we have today.

And they can do these things until time exacts its toll and know the time when it’s best to hand their expertise and shared experiences to the next generation and the next.

This is a special day, so take a few minutes to give thanks to the women who gave us the chances to be fathers, and our children who married and gave us the superlative chance to be grandparents.

Miss you dad, miss you grandpa and I hope you’ve found the peace you sought when you were on this earth.

It’s also time

Pay attention to your fishing and hunting licenses: All recreational licenses for what we do in the outdoors expire June 30.

This year, Wildlife and Fisheries has alleviated the chore of standing in long lines to get you licenses in time to fish for the Fourth of July holiday.

That’s because the LDWF offers an electronic license option to get current on what LDWF managers call “hunting and fishing privileges.”

Yeah, you could call (888) 765-2602 and get a license by phone in past years, but this new system allows you to hold your recreational licenses on a cellphone or other electronic device, and you can print an E-license on your home printer. Go to www.wlf.la.gov and select the E-license option.