A check showed Wednesday was the third day this year with a 100-percent chance of rain from the National Weather Service.

With heavy rain in the forecast through Friday, you can cross off most freshwater spots across the southern parishes. That includes all the Florida Parishes rivers, Bayou Teche and the Lake Verret and Lac Des Allemands basins. With continued southeast winds, a bass fisherman’s best choices are the Delacroix area and the marshes south of Bayou Black Marina.

The rain also means we’ll have to let the water settle to have enough visibility in Lake Pontchartain before we can think of continuing last week’s action along the bridges and the lake’s reefs.

The southerly winds also mean that the speckled trout runs we’re seeing along the coast should continue when the rain subsides.

Remember Sunday is the first day of the nine-day federal red snapper season, and the offshore conditions should be on the rough side Sunday, but calming into Monday and Tuesday.


There’s a chance of rain through Tuesday. By Monday, the chance of rain settles into afternoon showers. Look for morning lows around 70 and afternoon highs near 90.

Expect 5-15 knot southeast winds along the coast with 1-3 foot nearshore waves and 2-3 footers offshore through Saturday with much calmer conditions by Sunday along the coast and in Lake Pontchartrain.

The major rivers remain high and on a slow rise. Heavy rains will bring rapid rises on inland rivers and bayous.


Try Delacroix and hit the grassbeds with swimbaits and topwaters. If you want to learn how to catch bass by using a weedless gold spoon over the grass, then this will be the time to do it. And you’ll have a chance to catch redfish, too.

The coast

All the rain will put a layer of freshwater over the trout. Unless you’re working the surf, topwaters aren’t likely a good bait choice.

That means putting soft plastics and live bait under a cork. If you’re fishing with a group, then vary the depth of the bait to the cork to find out the right depth the trout are feeding in bays and inland lands, rivers and canals.

Trout action at Delacroix, around Lake Borgne rigs and Pontchartrain’s bridges and reefs were on the rise through the weekend.

Big trout, some hitting six pounds, were showing up at South Pass and taking live croakers.

The Timbalier beaches and sandy points heated up for trout along the Central Coast.

The oil/gas platforms in Terrebonne Bay, Lake Pelto and Lake Barre were giving up trout that were suspending under the rigs and were taking avocado minnow imitations and the old H&H double-rigged chartreuse split-tail beetles.