Chilly north winds scheduled Friday will remind us why we welcome such a pleasant break from what was a much-too-hot summer.

But there will be a price to pay for more comfortable afternoons - heavy north winds and the heaviest sea conditions along the coast since Tropical Storm Lee.

For coastal anglers, it means staying “inside” - not indoors, in the interior marshes - but there are enough redfish and small trout there to make a trip.

The first cool fronts always seem to help freshwater action, and the north winds should move enough water to trigger bass and sac-a-lait feeding sprees from the Atchafalaya Spillway east into the Florida Parishes rivers and the freshwater marshes south of U.S. 90.


The present weak front pushed winds to the northwest and the forecast is for northerly winds into next week. Problem is that Thursday’s light winds will jump to 5-10 knots Friday, then to 10-15 knots (up to 20 knots along the coast) by Saturday and bring rough conditions in coastal bays and lakes, 3-4 nearshore waves and 4-7 foot offshore swells.

Look for morning temperatures to dip into the 50s Saturday and stay in the 50s into next week with afternoon highs around 80.


Line up all the usual suspects, the Atchafalaya Spillway, the freshwater marshes (including the Venice area), Belle River, Old River, Larto-Saline and the Florida Parishes rivers.

Spillway water levels remain a bit higher than normal for late September. Grand Lake and Flat Lake (and nearby waters) continue to produce bass and goggle-eye on a wide variety of baits. “Punching” grass is the best big-bass technique: Use one-ounce or heavier jigs with “creature” baits attached or punch with a heavy jig-n-pig (green pumpkin and watermelon-red seems to be the top colors).

Otherwise spinnerbaits, square-billed shad-colored crankbaits, frogs and “trick” worms are taking bass around all sorts of structure. Look for run-outs to produce into next week.

Spillway sac-a-lait are hanging on deep structure in the big bayous.

At Old River, try black with chartreuse sparkle tube jigs and shiners around deep piers and walkways. Bluegill continue to hang 6-10 feet under houseboats (use crickets on a weighted hook). Use the same baits at Larto.

Spinnerbaits, worms and Brush Hogs are standard bass producers in the bayous and canals between Bayou Black and The Wax. Look for grassbeds off the banks.

The coast

Small trout are showing up in Lafourche and Terrebonne’s inside waters. Redfish taken on live minnows and plastics under a cork are dominating catches across south Louisiana.

There’s no trout action on The Causeway nor the Pontchartrain bridges.