Surely the pattern of solid fishing days leading up to the weekend, then poor weekend conditions had to change. It will this week: The rough weather comes Thursday and Friday, just in time for a last go at trout, reds and bass before Jolly Ol’ St. Nick makes his rounds Monday night.

One thing’s for sure, the cold, overnight temperatures should keep all gamefish in or near deep water.

The approaching front likely will bring the highest barometric pressures of the season (remember winter begins Friday), and that means moving baits slowly. Most all gamefish slow down on the bite when the barometer hits 30.20 inches, and appear to shut down feeding at 30.30 inches.


Hard north winds arrive by Friday morning, and we might see gale-force winds Friday along the Central Coast with waves 4-6 feet nearshore and 7-10 feet offshore into Friday.

Expect a 32-degree morning in the Baton Rouge area Saturday morning.

The major rivers are on the rise: For the first time in more than five months, the Mississippi River is predicted to climb above the 5-foot reading at New Orleans by Sunday, when the Atchafalaya River will hit 3.1 feet at Morgan City.


Mark two days after a front moves through the area before taking to the Bayou Pigeon area in the Atchafalaya. Black/blue jigs and black/red glitter crawfish imitations were working around stumps in the transition spots between drop-offs and the shallows.

On the warmer days, chartreuse/white spinnerbaits are working, but you’ll have to retrieve them more slowly than any time this year. It’s a good idea to try larger spinnerbaits with a single gold, No. 5 round blade. You want to retrieve it slowly by running it along the first drop-off, then the second drop-off until you find the fish.

There are some sac-a-lait in the Pigeon area, mostly in the last 3-4 miles east of Grand Lake and in the Zig-Zag Canals. Find heavy cover and use shiners or black/chartreuse tubes in clear water and blue/white or pink/white in murky water.

The coast

Redfish are everywhere and they’re running in sizes from 14 inches up to 36 inches in the interior areas.

Again, the deep holes will hold, and concentrate, trout, so places like the Intracoastal Canal and the MRGO east of the Mississippi River and the pipeline canals and deeper bayous along the Central Coast will be good.

Live shrimp were available through last weekend, but cocahoe minnows will work on reds and trout.

The black/chartreuse H&H Cocahoe Minnow produced a near limit in the Sulphur Mine area (the Mine, Old Bayou Blue, the North-South Canal). Most of the trout there are running 15-19 inches long.

Falgout Canal and Lake DeCade is making a run at being the hottest speckled trout spot in the state.

Yellow Cotton Bay is giving up specks near Venice.