There’s not much to hang your hat on for the coming days, other than a string of sunny days to break the gloom that hung over south Louisiana for most of the last week.

Usually, Mardi Gras launches a number of report from the folks who’d rather party on the water, but the conditions rained on that parade.

Here’s a general impression of what’s happened in the last week: Folks are catching fish, mostly redfish, and the trout action is way below average, although there have been several good reports from and around the Sulphur Mine in the Golden Meadow area.

Problem is folks are finding one day with decent catches followed by two days of not-so-hot action.

Same’s true for the freshwater guys.


Cold mornings and warm afternoons with slight chances of rain early next week. Expect 10-20 knot northerly winds into Saturday with a shift to the west, then southwest, then south at 10 knots into Sunday.

Conditions will be rough along the coast, and the forecast is for rough conditions on inland lakes through the weekend.

If you want to get offshore, then Saturday’s 4-6 foot seas are predicted to subside to 1-footers by Sunday.

The coast

Deep holes, run-outs and points where canals dump into bayous and lakes and canals with hard-shell banks (or lined with rip-rap) are the spots folks reported to have caught in the past week.

The best report came from the Sulphur Mine on black/chartruese H&H Cocahoe (use the smaller smoke/red glitter Bull Minnow, too) on light line. Work the baits slowly along the bottom.

For the umpteenth week, the key will be to find clear, moving water in areas east and west of the Mississippi River, over into the Lafitte area and toward Golden Meadow and Cocodrie.

Take along fresh shrimp and poppin’ corks to catch sheepshead that consistently have been hanging around piers and rocks through the winter.

The offshore reports single out the Midnight Lumps and the action on trolled and live bait for wahoo (a 100-pounder was taken) and tuna.


Rain six of the past eight days has muddied waters across the state.

Catfish have showed up in numbers along the shoreline of Lake Verret and the near-lake waters in several canals. They are taking scented bait and nightcrawlers under a cork. It’s possible to work the lee shore and catch fish, but you need to be careful running Lake Verret in 10-20 knot winds.

Slow-rolled spinnerbaits and a variety of soft-plastic “creature” baits continue to produce bass (most up to 2 pounds) in the canals south of Amelia and Bayou Black Marina.

With so much rainwater in the systems, the Florida Parishes rivers are off-limits for the next several days. The Atchafalaya, Mississippi and Pearl rivers are on the rise and close to being unfishable.