Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Enforcement agent, Sgt. Nicholas Guillory braved roiling seas amidst a driving rain to rescue eight boaters Sunday in the waters near Pecan Island.

In a report filed Wednesday by the LDWF, Guillory received a distress call shortly after noon Sunday about a boat that was taking on water after launching from Rollover Landing.

“Sgt. Guillory was able to get to the location where Rollover Bayou met the Gulf of Mexico in the pouring rain when he spotted one individual in the mud up to his waist. He was able to pull him from the mud and get him in his boat,” the report stated. “Sgt. Guillory then noticed two other individuals in a vessel that was taking on water and managed to get those two in his boat. He also towed their boat safely back to the inside part of the canal and out of the rough seas of the Gulf of Mexico.”

It was then, the report continued, Guillory realized the three he’d just rescued were not the boaters who had made the distress call, and returned to the Gulf where he found two more boats, one beached on an island and the other taking on water to the point where it was nearly submerged.

“Sgt. Guillory was able to grab two of the individuals from the sunken vessel and put them in his vessel. The three people from the beached vessel were on the beach,” the report stated.

Guillory lashed the beached boat to his boat, pulled it back into the water, and took two of the three stranded boaters in his boat.

“Sgt. Guillory then towed the sunken vessel to a position to get the boat so that it could float enough to be towed to inside waters.

The last person on shore got in Sgt. Guillory’s vessel,” the report stated.

After rescuing the eight, all three boats were recovered and returned to the launch.