Cold front Tuesday. Cold front Thursday. Cold front Sunday.

Add in winds that will circle the compass during the next four days and rain coming in late Saturday and lingering into Sunday, and there’s no way south Louisiana fishermen can come close to having a clear look at what they will face into early next week.

This week’s sunshine has helped warm water temperatures and redfish, speckled trout and bass responded in the Venice area, and bass in the Verret Basin and in the Atchafalaya Spillway. That’s because of the hard fall in the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers.

All that likely will come to a screeching halt Friday on the hard wind shift to the north by Friday morning.


Expect 15-20 knot winds from the southwest, then the north, then northeast, then east, then back to the south Thursday through Sunday. Rough seas come with these strong, shifting winds. Lake Pontchartrain’s only calm window is predicted for Saturday afternoon.

Except for Sunday’s warming trend and rain coming on a low-pressure system in the western Gulf of Mexico, look for morning lows near 40 and afternoon highs near 50.

Sunday’s falling Mississippi River levels are predicted for 11.5 feet at Baton Rouge, 3.1 feet at New Orleans, and the Atchafalaya’s level at Bayou Sorrel down to a 2.8-foot reading.


It took a couple of days for the combination of falling water and warming sunshine to trigger a run on bass in any area in the Verret and Atchafalaya areas where you could find clear, moving water.

For the Atchafalaya, these factors are found in the Shell Cuts, the bayous and canals between lower Bayou Sorrel and Old River, more specifically in waters near Bayou April and the 30-Inch Canal and in the upper Bayou Sorrel canals.

An early Wednesday report came in on a what’s become staple for lures for this area — a slowly worked gold Rogue or gold Red Fin. After a rise during the past three weeks, the dramatic fall in water levels moved a small crop of crawfish into the run-outs at the back ends of canals, and that means small black/blue jig-n-pigs worked Wednesday, too.

Sac-a-lait came from points where there was enough deep brush to hold them in the Spillway and on the Verret side of the levee.

The coast

Redfish moved to the flats and to marsh edges this week east of the Mississippi River, but that’s likely to change Friday when north winds work their magic and lower water levels. Speckled trout moved into the moving water locations in the Hopedale and Delacroix areas. The same thing happened in the Lake De Cade and Dulac areas.

Soft-plastic lures and live cocahoe minnows under corks worked best.