Finally spring’s warmth has settled in and a break from wind and rain holds through Saturday.

Light winds and seas are predicted until Sunday, which means we should see solid activity across the board with the possible exception of the Atchafalaya Spillway, where water will remain too high for most of us to find bass and sac-a-lait.

Otherwise, the absence of rain means Lake Verret Basin waters should clear, that the Lac Des Allemands area should be ready to give up bass and sac-a-lait, and, with light southerly winds, we should start to see an uptick in speckled trout catches along the Central Coast.

Even better is that seas should be calm enough to get into state waters for red snapper (remember the need to have a state Recreational Offshore Landing Permit) and farther offshore for a run on wahoo and tuna before these two species push into deeper waters.


The 5-10 knot southerly winds and light seas through Saturday are predicted to hit 15-20 knots with 2-4 foot seas Sunday. Look for morning lows in the mid-60s and afternoon highs in mid-80s before a front brings rain and slightly cooler temperatures early next week.

The Mississippi River is on a slow fall from a high 32.3 reading at Baton Rouge and from a 12.5 mark on the New Orleans gauge. The Atchafalaya was at 7.5 feet Wednesday at Bayou Sorrel and is predicted to drop to 6.8 feet by Monday.

The coast

The action is slow at The Causeway. Stained water was everywhere and Doc’s Reef (off the North Shore west of The Causeway) produced some trout. Trolling along the bridge yielded a handful of small trout.

The Delacroix area out of Sweetwater Marina continues to provide action on redfish, trout and bass (ponds and canals off major lakes), and redfish are hovering around the grassbeds and taking gold spoons, swimbaits and heavy-wire spinnerbaits with black/chartreuse soft-plastics in stained water and tuxedo-colored plastics in clear water. Trout like “blue moon” and “opening night” colors on jigheads and under corks.

Watermelon- and avocado-colored plastics under a cork are working in waters around Theriot. Fish the lakes for speckled trout under calm conditions (start a drift near places where canals and bayous run into the big lakes) or head into the canals for a few straggling trout or for a bonanza on redfish.

Redfish and small trout are holding in the Fourchon area, and the reefs and rocks behind Grand Isle are starting to produce redfish and a few trout.


While spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and jerkbaits will catch bass in most every location, soft plastics like Brush Hogs, D-Bombs, Sweet Beavers and 4- and 6-inch pumpkinseed-colored lizards are prime producers.