If you’re old enough to remember taking numbers at a barber shop on Saturday mornings, then you’ll get the idea of what you might face this weekend on the water across south Louisiana.

Prime sac-a-lait holes in the Atchafalaya Spillway had as many as seven boats dipping tube jigs and shiners in a 300-yard stretch Sunday, and boats crowded speckled trout spots in the Delacroix, Hopedale and Lake DeCade areas this week. Wednesday’s report had 35 boats in Little Lake, an expanse just a little more than a gallon of gas away from Sweetwater Marina in Delacroix.

Despite a cold front moving in Friday morning, the action should stay solid through the weekend, if only because high skies will keep water temperatures rising.


Expect colder morning temperatures (below freezing Friday morning) through Monday. Another front is due in Sunday morning before rain enters the picture for Mardi Gras. Look for northerly winds to dominate through Saturday before east winds arrive Sunday with morning lows in the 30s and afternoon highs in the mid-60s Saturday. Lake Pontchartrain will have north winds with 1-2 foot waves.

The major rivers are on a slight rise, but shouldn’t hamper catches.


Canals off Little and Big Pigeon bayous and off Bayou Cowan are holding sac-a-lait. Black/chartruese tubes are the top offerings. Work them 14-20 inches under a cork and look for heavy cover to hold the most fish. Action is a bit slower on sac-a-lait in Verret Basin canals.

Black/blue jigs-n-pigs and soft-plastic creature baits flipped into heavy mats provide the best action on bass. Redshad worms, green/pearl swimbaits and gold Red Fins and Rogues worked around cover, off-the-bank grass beds and stumps work along banks in between the matted hyacinths and heavy timber.

Black/blue jigs, big-bladed chartreuse/white spinnerbaits and poppin’ topwaters worked on bass in the Verret area and Des Allemands.

Along the coast

Word from Delacroix was that soft-plastic “shrimp creole” colors under a cork was the top producer in the Little Lake, where trout were working around schools of mullet, glass minnows and small pogeys.

The best method was to pick a spot with clearer water in the lake and make 200-300 yard drifts until the specks were located, then stay on that drift. Limits of 12-15 inch trout were common Wednesday.

Similar action came from Lake DeCade, but the top bait there was avocade/red glitter and black/chartreuse.

Redfish action is solid from the interior marshes from Delacroix and Hopedale to Leeville and west into Theriot-Dulac waters. Use live minnows when available, or avocado/red glitter plastics under a cork.

Tuna are around shrimp boats in offshore waters.