One thing you can count on no matter where you choose to spend your fishing day during the next week, you’re sure going to have lots of water.

The effects of last week’s rain, and the southerly winds settling in have done two things: It’s kept most rivers high and rising, and it’s pushed lots of water into the coastal marshes.

The results? First, it’s kept freshwater action at a minimum except at Toledo Bend and in up-country oxbows cut off from the Mississippi River, and, second, it helped catches along the coast, notably in waters east of the Mississippi River and in the lower Terrebonne marshes.


A weak cold front is due here late Sunday, but it will only bring an increased chance of rain and thunderstorms late Friday into Saturday. Look for 10-15 knot southeast winds Friday, then a wind shift to the southwest Saturday through Sunday with calmer conditions east of the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain, and rougher seas for the Central Coast and offshore waters. Expect morning lows near 70 and afternoon highs in the upper 80s before the front drops Tuesday’s low into the low 60s.

The already high major rivers are on a steady rise with the Mississippi predicted to hit 34.2 feet at Baton Rouge and 13.8 feet at New Orleans by Monday, with the Atchafalaya River hitting 9.2 feet at the Bayou Sorrel station. The Pearl River is up, too.


Areas that have been “fishable” during the last week are the subdivision canals off the Tickfaw River and some of the canals and bayous off Lake Pontchartrain.

Most bass have spawned, and that means going to small baits like finesse worms or floating worms and working them slowly and deliberately. Gold jerkbaits also work, but only if they worked slowly and allowed to “sit,” then twitched over grass and other heavy structure.

If you want to venture into the Lafitte area, then the eastern portion of Bayou Dupont is holding bass, along with areas in the marshes south of Bayou Black Marina. Small spinnerbaits, swimbaits and floating worms are working there on bass, and Roadrunners and crickets and nightcrawlers are good for panfish in the marshes south of U.S. 90. Look for grassbeds there.

The coast

Choose your favorite soft-plastic colors and rig them on a cork if you’re heading into the Delacroix and Hopedale marshes. Decent trout catches and limits of redfish were reported from Sweetwater Marina and Bayou Charters trips. Darker colors are working on overcast days, and lighter colors are best on bright days. The same is true for the Terrebonne marshes, lakes and bays.