After all the bad weather that blew through here in the past 36 hours, the weekend’s big question is where do we go from here.

You can rule out rain-affected river systems, the still-connected oxbows off the still-rising Mississippi River and the high and still rising Atchafalaya Basin.

The good news is that the sunny conditions predicted for Friday could mitigate the effects of rain and heavy winds in places like the marshes south of U.S. 90, the Des Allemands area and some canal systems in the Lake Verret system.

For the guys who want to get offshore to take in the action on giant yellowfin tuna caught in the past week, then you must wait until late Sunday or Monday for the Gulf of Mexico to settle from 7-9 foot waves to a forecast of lighter winds and 1-2 seas.

Depending on where you’re heading this weekend, you’re following 3-10 inches of rain, which means most will find high, muddy water. Finding clear water, or mixing-water areas likely will be the difference between wasting high-priced gasoline and a successful fish fry.


The cold front that brought the rough weather is predicted to stall along the coast. That means we’ll have mornings in the upper 50s with afternoon highs in the low 80s.

Expect shifting winds, first from the south, then the southwest, then moving to the north Sunday, then to the east early next week. Look for a slight chance of afternoon showers.

The rises in the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers are slowing, and we can look for both rivers to start a slow fall by this time next week.


Maybe the best news comes from the freshwater marshes (the Orange Grove and Turtle Bayou areas) where goggle-eye and small bass are eating just about everything they see.

Tube jigs (black/chartreuse or blue/white) under a cork are producing big numbers along with 6-inch red shad and purple/grape tail worms and green/black Beetle Spins.

Bream and catfish filled ice chests Saturday through Tuesday in canals off Bayous Cheramie and Sherman. The worms are spinning webs in the trees and triggering the action when they fall into the water. Bluegill and catfish were doing the same thing in the Des Allemands area.

Maybe the best bass action is in the Lafitte area. Try grass beds in The Pen and off Bayou Dupont and the canals off Bayou Perot and on the northeast corner of The Pen. Spinnerbaits rigged with the Slammin’ Sammy, black/chartreuse Cocahoe Minnows and gold Long As and Rogues are working on the bass.


The combination of strong southerly winds and rain have pushed lots of water into the marshes and flooded low coastal areas in the last two days. Except for the Causeway and Pontchartrain bridges, speckled trout action has declined since last week. Redfish are taking spinnerbaits and swimbaits in most areas.