There’s another double-cold front weekend ahead and it means trips will have to come with a heavy jacket, fighting heavy winds and a risk of running aground after days of north winds move out lots of water .

Take heart, because the rebound from last weekend’s double fronts came in the form of terrific action on redfish and speckled trout in the Pontchartrain Basin, the Leeville area and Terrebonne Parish waters. Even better was the bass and sac-a-lait action in the Atchafalaya Spillway. Early next week holds loads of promise when the fronts move east.


Wednesday’s front is predicted to stall along the coast, then get shoved to the east by a stronger front due in Sunday. Expect strong winds and heavy seas to lessen late Friday to allow for quieter early Saturday trips before north winds crank up 15-20 knots Sunday with nearshore seas running 2-5 feet depending on location. Look for improved conditions beginning Monday

Morning temps will be in the low 40s with afternoon highs in the 60s before Monday’s post-front warming.

The major rivers are running to fall lows.

Along the coast

Pontchartrain is starting to give up specks and reds.

The Causeway produced a limit of 1-4 pound trout Tuesday on plastics worked on a jighead, while schools 24-inch-long-plus redfish were feeding under the birds on large white shrimp along the south shore side of the bridges. The Trestles were just as hot for speckled trout Wednesday. Tuesday started clear, with clouds filtering in later in the day. Clouds remained Wednesday, when winds died, clear signals that we were between cold fronts.

Runouts in the back ends of canals produced keeper redfish in the Leeville-Fourchon area last weekend and into this week on plastics and minnows under a cork.

Action slowed in the Lake DeCade-Mechant area over the weekend mostly because of strong winds, but picked up Tuesday and early Wednesday. The best tactic was to run to the mouths of bayous and other (drains) then drift with the wind to locate specks on plastics under a cork. Ditto for Lake Boudreaux, although working 40-50 yards off shorelines worked there.


Belle River leading into the Intracoastal Waterway has produced solid bass action in the last week. Shad-colored crankbaits along bulkheads and in the deeper holes is the trick. Fish the shallows in the morning with shad-sized spinnerbaits, then go to the crankbaits. Some sac-a-lait coming from the lower end of Grassy Lake and into canals off Bayou Cheramie and in the bayous and canals off the east side of Lake Verret.

Spinnerbaits and jerkbaits are working in the Atchafalaya, but when high skies set in, bass move to heavy grass and that means “punching” with heavy black/blue jigs.