There’s water, but except for ponds and the freshwater marshes south of U.S. 90, there won’t be many places across our state where you will be guaranteed to catch fish this weekend.

Two cold fronts in the three days, the second, a hard push coming Saturday, will bring strong north winds to ease flooding throughout south Louisiana.

Under these conditions, the plan would be to head to Toledo Bend, but those folks — like thousands of others east of Baton Rouge — continue to battle floodwaters.

There’s False River, and you could spend the next days prefishing for Sunday’s annual Kiwanis Bass Tournament — it usually produces one giant largemouth — but the cold front’s winds will cut this oxbow in half.

A small-craft advisory is likely for late Friday.


Thunderstorms late Friday through Saturday with 10-20 knot east/southeast winds shifting to 15-25 knot north winds Saturday and Sunday. Expect morning lows to dip from the low-60s Friday to the low-40s by Sunday morning with afternoon high in the mid-60s.

Except for the slow-falling Pearl River, all Florida Parishes rivers are on sharp falls after last week’s deluge, but the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers continue to rise to 36.5 feet in Baton Rouge and 10.6 feet at Bayou Sorrel.


The warming trend has raised water temperatures to the point where the cold front shouldn’t have much effect. North winds will push water out and should make run-outs and points prime spots in the Bayou Black marshes, around Lafitte and Theriot areas. It likely will not help catches in the Florida Parishes rivers because the floods have put predator species “off their feed.”

The latest from False River is bass are in various stages of the spawn — and those that haven’t spawned are making new beds because of the rise, then fall in water levels after the heavy rains.

The coast

The north winds push should concentrate redfish around the south end and eastern ends of run-outs and points. Look for clear, moving water, but don’t expect to find speckled trout stacked up in any spot.