Louisiana hunters will have another 16-day special September teal season and, for the second year, a 90-day dove season this year after the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission approved dates and bag limits at its meeting Thursday in Baton Rouge.

With continental teal numbers estimated to be more than 4.7 million, the floor for a "liberal" 16-day special teal season in the Mississippi Flyway, Louisiana hunters get Sept. 12-27 statewide hunting dates with a six-bird-per-day limit. Taking rails and gallinules also will be allowed during this special season.

Dove season is divided into three splits for both North and South zones, the dividing line being west along U.S. 190 to Interstate 12, then to Interstate 10 to the Louisiana-Mississippi state line. Both zones will open at one-half hour before sunrise Sept. 5 on private lands. State-run wildlife management areas with dove-hunting opportunities will open the season at noon.

South Zone hunters' first split will run through Sept. 13 with splits following Oct. 10-Dec. 1, then Dec. 19-Jan. 15.

The North Zone's first split carries through Sept. 27 with Oct. 10-Nov. 8, then Dec. 10-Jan. 15 splits.

Daily limits on doves is 15.