A cold front, the strongest of Louisiana’s late summer, is due to blow in Saturday across south Louisiana, and the forecast is good only if you’re heading out Friday and Saturday.

That will give us solid one-day shots at the run on speckled trout in the Grand Isle-Fourchon area, and the extra-good bass fishing downriver from Venice and in the Atchafalaya Spillway.


Expect Friday’s 5-10 knot southerly winds and light sea conditions to give way to increasing northwest-to-north winds and rougher inshore and offshore seas later Saturday and into Sunday. Monday’s conditions should be calmer. Lake Pontchartrain will rough up Saturday on the wind change.

Morning temperatures will dip into the low 60s Sunday north of I-10, but will remain near 70 along the coast with afternoon highs in the mid-80s through Saturday before dipping into the low-80s Sunday through most of next week.

The Mississippi River will be down to the 3-foot level on the New Orleans gauge, which means redfish and bass will pull nearer to the big river in the Venice area.

Along the coast

Trout catches, though not limits, continue east and west of Grand Isle and the lingering pattern seems to point to using live shrimp in the inland waters and live croakers along the beaches. With Saturday’s forecast of 1-2 foot seas along the islands, look for clear water near breakers along the fronts of the islands. If not, then head to the jetties and use live bait. VuDu Shrimp under a cork has been productive, but it’s taking a variety of fish, including hardhead and gafftopsail catfish along with trout and keeper-sized redfish.

There has been topwater action on rising tides along Grand Terre east of Grand Isle, and along Elmer’s Island and The Fourchon.

Trout are working in the eastern waters of the Hopedale area and in Breton Sound, but Breton is predicted to get rough late Saturday into Sunday.

Redfish are everywhere, and trout are reportedly taking soft plastics under a cork in the southern waters of Terrebonne Parish.


The biggest bass news in the past week comes from runs and ponds east and downriver from Venice launches. A wide variety of lures are working. In the runs, flip D-Bombs, Baby Brush Hogs, Speed Craws and plastic worms as near the stands of roseau cane as possible. Bass are hiding at the edge of the canes and ambushing baits that pass by their noses in the current. In the ponds, buzzbaits and spinnerbaits (white or chartreuse/white with chartreuse blades) are taking bass and redfish.

Canals and bayous off Bayou Pigeon are producing bass, goggle-eye, bluegill and some sac-a-lait. Ditto for Flat Lake. Sac-a-lait are holding on brushtops along the deeper ledges.