LIMITS: The daily limit is 1 antlered and 1 antlerless deer (except during bucks-only periods) on all private lands, some National Forest lands and designated federal lands/refuges. The season limit is 6, of which no more can be 3 antlered deer or 4 antlerless deer. Antlerless deer taken in the Deer Management Assistance Program do not count in the season limit. A “legal” antlered deer has at least one visible antler of hardened, bony material broken through the skin.

TAGGING: The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries requires all hunters, no matter their ages nor licensing requirements, to have deer tags in possession while hunting and that hunters affix a tag on deer before the animal is taken from the field. Hunters have 7 days to report using an individual tag. Hunters can report using the tag by calling (866) 484-4805 or through the LDWF’s website: www.la.wildlifelicense.com.

LICENSING: If you’re 16 and older, you need a Basic Hunting license and a Big Game license to “hunt, take, possess or cause to be transported” deer. If you hunt during the primitive weapon season, you need a special license. A $15 license is required for ages 18-59 to hunt on wildlife management areas. Exceptions to this regulation are Louisiana residents who were born prior to June 1, 1940 (a special $5 Senior License is available for hunters 60 and older). Louisiana resident veterans with a permanent, service-related disability and residents who are blind, paraplegic or are a multiple amputee can receive no-fee licenses.

HUNTER SAFETY CERTIFICATE: All resident and nonresident hunters born after Sept. 1, 1969 must successfully complete a Hunter’s Safety Course and have a certificate of completion in order to purchase a Louisiana hunting license. Active members/veterans of the U.S. armed services or POST-certified law enforcement officers are exempt from this rule.