If you don’t like east winds, don’t plan a weekend trip, because moderate east winds will linger across the coast into early next week.

And those east winds mean lots of water stacking up in the marshes — it pushes redfish and flounder into and near ponds — on the east side of the Mississippi River, but will push water from the marshes on the eastern sides of lakes, bays and ponds across the coast.

Constant winds also should trigger small-craft advisories and high-tide warnings through Monday. Be careful in open waters.


Expect 10-20 knot east and southeast winds, 2-4 seas in eastern coastal waters, and 3-6 footers in all other open waters. There’s a better than 50 percent chance of rain Sunday with temperatures ranges from the upper 60s to the upper 70s. The Mississippi River is predicted to fall half-a-foot to a 3.1 reading at New Orleans, while the Atchafalaya River remains level at 2.8 feet at Bayou Sorrel.


It appears the Verret Basin is about the only place producing upwards of 3-pound bass these days — soft-plastic creature baits seems to be the best offering — but if you’re looking to stretch your line on largemouths, then head to the Atchafalaya Spillway, including Henderson Lake.

With water temperatures gradually creeping down from summer highs, the spillway is giving up catches up to 30 bass a day for veteran fishermen. Bass have been active around points where you can find wind-blown water, and word is to concentrate efforts around stumps, brushtops, grassbeds and hyacinths piled up around downed timber.

Early morning action on chartreuse/white/blue spinnerbaits, topwaters and frogs. Cloudy conditions should help keep bass and goggle-eye from moving to deep cover. After the sun gets up, go with Texas-rigged soft-plastic lures (use heavy jigs to punch through heavy grass and hyacinths) and swimbaits.

Spillway sac-a-lait reports are slow, but the ones showing up in catches are coming from the deeper ends of brush piles in stained water on black/chartreuse tubes.

Bass, redfish and trout showing up in the Florida Parishes rivers and bayous. VuDu Shrimp and Gulp! Shrimp under corks are working there, along with square-billed, shad-colored crankbaits.

Along the coast

Constant east winds mean moving into canals for reds and a few early migrating trout, and working moving-water points for trout. Good reports on blue-moon colors and VuDu Shrimp in clear water, and avocado/red glitter, smoke/red glitter Gulp! Shrimp under corks in stained water.

It’s time to think about using Texas-rigged, redshad-colored worms for redfish around run-outs, along grassbeds and around stands of roseau cane.