COASTAL WETLANDS PLANNING, PROTECTION & RESTORATION ACT PRIORITY LIST MEETING: 7 p.m., Corps of Engineers office, 7400 Leake Ave., New Orleans. Email:


INAUGURAL SHOOTING FOR HUNGER SPORTS CLAYS TOURNAMENT: 8 a.m., Wilderness Gun Club, 7 Teurlings Dr., Lafayette. Individual, 2-man flurry & 4-man teams. Fees $100/gun, $20/flurry team. Benefits Lafayette Food Bank. Sponsored by Pi Sigma Epsilon. Website:


ACROSS THE COURSE MATCH: Palo Alto Rifle & Pistol Club, Donaldsonville. 200-, 300- & 600-yard courses. Email Jay Hunt: Website:

WHERE Y’AK IV KAYAK FISHING TOURNAMENT: Gulf Outlet Marina, Chalmette. Sponsored by the Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club. Fee $20. Open tournament. BCKFC members points event. Online registration:




DEER/PRIMITIVE WEAPONS: Through Friday (Nov. 18), State Deer Areas 1, 4, 5, 6 Either-sex take allowed. Still-hunt only.

DUCKS/EAST WATERFOWL ZONE: Saturday (Nov. 19) opening day, first split. Through Nov. 27. Ducks, mergansers & coots.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Saturday (Nov. 19), opening day, State Deer Areas 1, 4, 6 & Atchafalaya Basin, still-hunt only, either-sex (except some East Carroll Parish lands). Through Nov. 27, Atchafalaya Basin. Through Dec. 9, Areas 1 & 6. Through Jan. 15, Area 4.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Saturday (Nov. 19)-Sunday, Nov. 20, either-sex hunting, portions of East Carroll Parish. (Also Nov. 25-27).

QUAIL/PHEASANT: Saturday (Nov. 19), opening day. Statewide through Feb. 29.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Nov. 25-Dec. 11, State Deer Area 5. Either-sex take allowed. Still-hunt only.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Nov. 25-27, West Carroll Parish. Either-sex days. Still-hunt only.

DEER/WMA HANDICAPPED WMA HUNTS: Nov. 25-27, Alexander State Forest (reservation required; call 318-371-3050); Buckhorn WMA (reservations required; call 318-343-4044); Big Colewa WMA, either-sex days (reservations required); call 318-343-4044.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Through Nov. 27, State Deer Area 7. Still-hunt only.

DOVES/SECOND SPLIT: South Zone: Through Nov. 27. North Zone: Closed.

GEESE/EAST WATERFOWL ZONE: First split. Through Nov. 27.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Through Nov. 27, State Deer Areas 3 & 8, still-hunt only.

DEER/PRIMITIVE WEAPONS: Nov. 28-Dec. 2, State Deer Areas 3 & 8, still-hunt only. Either-sex take allowed.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Nov. 28-Dec. 9, Special Atchafalaya Basin area. Bucks only. Still-hunt only.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Nov. 28-Jan. 1, State Deer Area 7. With/without dogs. either-sex take allowed.

SNIPE: First split through Nov. 30/East Waterfowl Zone. First split through Dec. 7/West Waterfowl Zone.

DEER/WMA HANDICAPPED WMA HUNTS: Nov. 30-Dec. 13, Big Colewa WMA, bucks-only days (reservations required; call 318-343-4044.

DUCKS/WEST WATERFOWL ZONE: First split through Dec. 4. Ducks, mergansers & coots.

GEESE/WEST WATERFOWL ZONE: First split through Dec. 4.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: State Deer Area 2. Still-hunt only, through Dec. 6

DEER/ARCHERY: State Deer Areas 3 & 8 through Jan. 15; State Deer Areas 1, 2, 4, 5 & 7 through Jan. 31; State Deer Area 6 through Feb. 15. Either-sex take allowed in Areas 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 & 8; bucks-only Area 6 (including special Atchafalaya Basin season) through Saturday (Oct. 15), then either-sex take through Feb. 15.

SQUIRREL & RABBIT: Statewide. Through Feb. 29.

NUTRIA: Statewide through Feb. 29. Daily limit is 5. Nontoxic shot only for shotguns. See state Hunting Regulations 2011-2012 for specific restrictions on take & pelting.

UNREGULATED BIRDS: Statewide through Jan. 1 for crows, blackbirds, cowbirds & grackles. Specific regulations for “depredating” order.




NOV. 27-SOUTH LOUISIANA HIGHPOWER CLUB MATCH: 8:30 a.m. squadding, 9 a.m. matches, Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Range, 9134 St. Landry Rd., Gonzales. 50-round NRA National Match Course (200 yards). Match fees $10 members, $15 nonmembers, $5 juniors. Club membership $15/year. Member of Civilian Marksmanship Program. Call George Serrett (225) 272-3538. Email:

NOV. 28-RED STICK FLY FISHERS FLY-TYING SESSION: 7 p.m., Bass Pro Shops, Denham Springs. Call Emmitt Simmons (225) 335-4596. Website:

NOV. 28-FIN-ADDICT FLY FISHERS MEETING: 6:30 p.m., Spahr’s Restaurant, 1400 W. Tunnel Blvd, Houma. Call Stephen Robert (985) 851-3459.


The Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism has an up-to-date schedule for state parks and historic sites. Website:

Have an outdoors item? Email: