LSU baseball concession stand prices soar above other sports venues, including Augusta National Golf Club _lowres

Spectators wait at the 16th hole for golfers to play through during the second round of the Masters golf tournament Friday, April 10, 2015, in Augusta, Ga. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)


AUGUSTA, GA. – When it comes to getting a ticket to an LSU baseball game compared to a Masters badge, there’s no comparison.

Tickets online for Saturday’s LSU-Auburn game could be had for $10-12 from LSU. For a Masters ticket you had to go online and pay around $750 for Saturday only. The only way for non tournament badge holders to get their hands on face value tickets is to win the rights to buy one of the few single-day tickets in the annual pre-Masters lottery.

Concession prices are a different story. Put it simply, Augusta National doesn’t gouge, especially compared to a lot of other sports venues. A sandwich, bag of chips and a soda at Amen Corner will set you back $5.50 at most, less than you’d pay for a hamburger Saturday at Alex Box Stadium.

It’s not exactly and apples to apples comparison since the two venues offer few of the same items, but here’s a look at prices at the Masters and at LSU:


LSU (Auburn baseball game) $10, 12

Masters $325, 750 (4-day tournament badge, one-day ticket on the secondary market)


Item LSU vs. Masters

Hamburger $6 $3 (BBQ beef)

Hot dog $3.50 N/A

Fish Sandwich $6.50 N/A

Egg/pimento sandwich N/A $1.50

Chicken tenders w/fries $8 N/A

Chicken sandwich/wrap N/A $3

French fries $4 N/A

Potato chips N/A $1

Candy* $5 $1

Peanuts* $4 $1

Caramel corn* $5.50 $1.50

Soda $4 (22 oz.) $1.50 (16 oz.)

Bottled water (16.9 oz.) $3 $2

Coffee $4 $1.5

Beer N/A $4 (domestic)

$5 (imported)

*-Serving sizes at LSU are larger