After two road games in the first three weeks, Southern isn’t looking for fun on its road trip to Alabama State this weekend.

From the moment they stepped on the bus Thursday all the way to kickoff, it’s all business.

“It’s a business trip because this is a job and we’ve got a job to do,” coach Dawson Odums said. “We need to be able to perform. In order to do that, you’ve got to have a business mindset. That means we can’t have any distractions.

“That’s part of growing up, that’s part of the discipline they have. That’s part of the upperclassmen mandating from those underclassmen, this is what we’re about, this is part of our process, so let’s follow it.”

Odums said the main part of his “business” mindset is making game-day routine for his players.

They’ll get up a the same time, have the same meetings and he’ll give the same speeches.

It’s so routine that, by now, Odums said believes the Jaguars can recite verbatim what he’s going to say every Saturday.

“That’s how you create success, doing the same thing over and over and over again,” Odums said. “That’s how you create discipline. As long as there’s no gray area, our guys know exactly what to expect, they know exactly what we’re looking for.”

No confidence boost

The Jaguars may have their first win of the season under their belt after thrashing Alabama State 64-6 last week, but Odums isn’t looking for any confidence boost.

As far as he sees it, last week was last week and there’s only this weekend in front of them.

“That’s got nothing to do with this week,” Odums said. “This week is all about this week. Last week, confidence, none of that matters for this week. This is a new focus, a new opportunity, and this is all about this week. Last week doesn’t carry over.”

Touchdown Tillery

Southern running back Lenard Tillery is well on his way to the 879 rushing yards he needed entering the season to break the Southwestern Athletic Conference all time record.

Tillery has 324 yards this season through the first three games.

But the best back in program history — at least statistically speaking — hasn’t found himself in the end zone all that much this season.

In fact, of the 14 touchdowns Southern’s produced so far, only one has come with the ball in Tillery’s hands.

Odums couldn't care less.

“I’m not worried about touchdowns,” Odums said. “I’m worried about wins.”

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