Broussard: No change in matchup for Bayou Classic _lowres

Advocate staff photo by CATHERINE THRELKELD -- Southern Athletic Director William Broussard

The end date for Southern’s NCAA postseason ban is still unknown, but Jaguars Athletic Director William Broussard said Monday that he hopes it will come before the end of the current probationary period.

In January, the NCAA extended the Southern postseason ban through Nov. 1, but said it could be lifted earlier if the subcommittee evaluating the Jaguars’ Academic Progress Rates case is satisfied that the university has submitted the proper data.

The NCAA instituted a postseason ban on all Southern athletic programs in November, 2013 because the university submitted “unusable data” in its documentation of student-athletes’ APR.

During the past 15 months, the Jaguars have responded to numerous NCAA requests for additional information and instituted new campus-wide protocals for compiling such data. But so far the university has been unable to satisfy the NCAA.

“I don’t think people understand just how much we have to do,” Broussard said as he spoke to the Baton Rouge Press Club on Monday.

Broussard said the next major step in the process is the certification of athletes for the fall semester. The work will begin in June to present the certification Aug. 15.

“It’s a pretty massive undertaking,” Broussard said. “Some faculty will be coming off their summer vacations to help us finish it.”

Broussard said he’s hopeful that the submission of the fall certification will lead to the ban being lifted before the Nov. 1 end of the current probation period.

When the NCAA extended the probation period after an on-campus visit last December it said “Southern’s data continues to be unusable in determining accurate Academic Progress Rates (the data is incomplete, inaccurate and not always supported by documentation).”

The NCAA Committee on Academic Performance Subcommittee on Data Collection and Reporting continues to evaluate Southern’s data submissions.

All of the Jaguars’ athletic programs are affected equally by the postseason ban. The ban will be lifted for all the programs once the subcommittee is satisfied that Southern has put in place a process to accurately certify student-athletes and to collect and report accurate APR data in the future.

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