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Kenny Dicharry Sr., right, talks about the flooding that ravaged his home on Bayou Narcisse Road in Gonzales, La., during Ascension Parish flooding and cleanup on Thurssday August 18, 2016. His sons Karl Dicharry, left, and Kenny Dicharry Jr., center, assist in the teardown for flood recovery.

Advocate staff photo by BILL FEIG

Lots of people lost lots of stuff in the flood, including important documents.

Here is a list of useful websites and telephone numbers to help you replace them:

SNAP Cards (Food Stamps): 1 (888) 524-3578,

Green cards: (800) 375-5283,

Birth and Death Certificates: (225) 342-9500,

Louisiana Driver’s Licenses: (888) 214-5367,

Bank Checks, ATM/Debit Cards or Safe Deposit Boxes: (877) 275-3342,

Credit Cards – Contact the appropriate issuing institution:

American Express: (800) 327-1267,

Discover: (800) 347-2683,

MasterCard: (800) 627-8372,

Visa: (800) 847-2911,

Credit reports: Equifax, Experian or TransUnion: (877) 322-8228,

Social Security Cards: (800) 772-1213,

Fraud Alerts or a Credit Freeze:

Identity Theft Resource Center: (888) 400-5530, or email

Medicare Cards: (800) 772-1213,

Passports: (877) 487-2778,

U.S. Savings Bonds: (844) 284-2676,

Tax Returns: (800) 829-1040,

Military Records: (866) 272-6272,

Proof of Address/Residency: Contact your local utility company to obtain a recent bill.

National Archives Records: (866) 272-6272,